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Prior to last night’s failed GOP effort to defund Planned Parenthood,  Hillary posted this video.

Powerful legislators are focused on one aspect of Planned Parenthood‘s services, abortion, but that is only one of many services the organization provides as a quick look at their website makes clear.

We provide up-to-date, clear, medically accurate information that helps you better understand your sexual health.


Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. Learning more about abortion methods and options can help you decide if abortion is the right choice for you.

Birth Control

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. Learn more about birth control, and find the method that’s best for you.

Body Image

We all have ideas and feelings about how we look. Learning more about body image can help you stay healthy — mentally and physically.

General Health Care

Are you looking for general health care services? Many of Planned Parenthood’s health centers around the country offer the health care services you need.

Men’s Sexual Health

Up-to-date, clear information from Planned Parenthood that helps men better understand their sexual and reproductive health.


It’s normal to have many questions about pregnancy. Planned Parenthood will help you get all the pregnancy information you need.


Romantic or sexual relationships are one way to connect and share with other people. Planned Parenthood answers your questions about relationships.

Sex & Sexuality

Do you want to better understand sex and sexuality? Planned Parenthood answers the most common questions about important sexual health topics.

Sexual Orientation & Gender

Sexual orientation and gender identity are fundamental parts of who we are. Planned Parenthood answers your questions about these important topics.


Infections can be passed between people during sexual contact. Learn more about STD symptoms, testing, treatment, and how to reduce your risk.

Women’s Health

Up-to-date, clear information from Planned Parenthood that helps women better understand their sexual and reproductive health.

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There is no sign on the door saying “women only.”  Men, too, benefit from the organization’s services.  What part of the word “parent” excludes men?  We are long past the days when all aspects of child rearing fell to women.

One battle may have been won, but those who oppose the organization have promised to continue the struggle to end funding to the community and family services they provide.

Over the weekend,  after my fill of Sunday morning political football,  I stumbled on this cute little movie.

PG-13  |  92 min  |  Comedy, Drama  |  11 June 2004 (USA)

When a girl attending a Christian high school becomes pregnant, she finds herself ostracized and demonized, as all of her former friends turn on her.

There is never a question as to whether or not she will have the baby. She intends to and she does.  There is a happy, hopeful ending.  An added attraction is a nice cover of Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows” sung by Mandy Moore who is featured in the movie. If I had been less curious about who was singing, I might have missed,  in the final credits,  who helped bring the movie to the big screen.

Here, under Company Credits, look who shows up!  The emphasis is mine.

Other Companies

Yup!  A movie about a pregnant high school girl having and keeping her baby and Planned Parenthood is listed in the credits.  I do not know of Planned Parenthood having a hand in the production of any feature films about abortion.

Painting any individual or organization with a broad brush is never a good idea.  To portray Planned Parenthood as an abortion mill is more than deceptive and destructive – it is dangerous.

The war against Planned Parenthood and their family services is far from over.  This movie can serve as a little ammo against unwarranted attacks.  It certainly carries a few strong, worthy messages. So, I recommend it for your next “movie night.”



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