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We hope she had a lovely, long holiday weekend with her grandkids and dogs. Hillary was back on Twitter today addressing the GOP Senators.  She responded to a tweet from the GOP.

That’s our girl!  She never cares about getting the credit for the work. She just cares that the work gets done.  She sent them, many are her former colleagues in the Senate,  her health care plan from her campaign website. If she were still in the Senate, she would be encouraging them to work cooperatvely with her on this.  Since she is not, she presented them with her plan for their use. Well done, Hillary! Thank you.  We hope they accept your offering in kind and save health care for Americans.

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Hillary was onstage at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville this evening to support Alison Lundergan Grimes in her campaign to unseat Mitch McConnell in the Senate. Livestream video here >>>>

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Reminiscing about the “Dark Ages” at Yale when there were tents in the quad, demonstrations on The Green, and a Viking from Arkansas in the library, Hillary Clinton accepted the law school’s prestigious Award of Merit from Dean Robert C. Post this afternoon before an exuberant audience of alumni, past classmates, former colleagues from the Senate and State Department, and the past recipient to whom she is married.


Dean Post introduced her with glowing praise for the many “firsts” she has accomplished,  her prodigious work in the Senate and at State, as well as impressive quotations from some of her always instructive and inspirational speeches.  Hillary laid out the rationale for her signature initiative at the Clinton Foundation, Too Small to Fail,  explaining that even with gridlock in Washington there are efforts possible on the private side that can help to advance future achievement for the littlest people among us.

The event highlighted Yale Law School’s Alumni Weekend.

Photos from the New Haven Register.

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