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This is a comment submitted tonight by a reader named Wayne Robinson under this post in which Hillary was soliciting donations to the Red Cross and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Hillary Clinton often times says good sounding words but her heart is not in it .for her it’s always about putting on a show ,optics I think it’s called . Fact is she is servant to highest bidder as long as she gets more power and money. She will soon stand before God and give account of her works and words. This is scary when you think of her past open lies you can’t help but feel sorry for her, she really is pitiful,

The comment was not approved for posting because approval would afford him free access to post further nonsense like this.  Experience has taught all of us over many years that engaging people who think this way never changes their thinking.  We end up in endless circular arguments. Their purpose is not to convince but rather to distract, hijacking precious time and energy to no avail.

Via those last two sentences (really three – the second of which is a run-on, comma notwithstanding) he speaks of judgment before God while setting himself up as the judge. How can one argue with someone who thinks that way?

As for the initial part of his comment, there is an excellent response out there that should be available to all.  Hillary is not and never has been about optics or putting on a show as he asserts.  Much of her work has been in the background.  This video from Shareblue pulls all the threads together into a cloth.



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