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When Hillary Clinton marches down the street on Memorial Day, the crowd explodes with enthusiasm.  Hillary has a world of support in her own hometown.  Grace Bennett’s Inside Chappaqua Inside Armonk, a local magazine, spotlights the movers and shakers in this article by Stacy Pfeffer.  Thank you, Grace and Stacy!

#WithHer! … For Hillary Clinton: Passionate Hometown Support

Key Chappaqua supporters explain why they’re working hard to help elect hometown candidate Hillary Clinton as first woman POTUS.

By Stacey Pfeffer

It’s been a momentous few weeks here in the hamlet of New Castle. At the annual Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade, Hillary Rodham Clinton marched and waved to residents–many of whom were hoping to see her become the official Democratic presidential nominee in early June. Then just over a week later, a bus full of residents were thrilled to travel to the Booklyn Navy Yard to lend their support and bask in the history of her officially clinching the Democratic nomination; a group of New Castle supporters celebrated at Mario’s Restaurant on lower King Street.

Now that Clinton is the official Democratic candidate, the Inside Press had the opportunity to interview key supporters who have been staying near and dear to her campaign and/or working constructively on “Get Out the Vote,” referred to commonly as GOTV. We heard firsthand their reflections on what it means to have one of our most famous neighbors as the potential next President.

Hillary Clinton stepped off the parade route this year to take a few moments to say hello and express her appreciation to the Chappaqua Friends of Hill grassroots group.

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Not everyone in town loves Hillary, though. There’s this guy.  When your teenage son refuses to drive the family car, you know you have a problem.



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