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At the Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial in Manhattan, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, look upon a 20th-century giant. “I think she was one of the greatest Americans in our history,” Hillary told “Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley.

“She is a kind of transcendent figure over generations because of all that she did in her life,” Chelsea said.

The Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial in New York’s Riverside Park. CBS News

Hillary added, “I just find that depiction of her to be as I imagine her – thoughtfully listening, taking it all in.”

And at the New York Historical Society, they handled a racquet from the hands of tennis legend Billie Jean King. And they examined a century-old banner from the Women’s Suffrage Movement. “I have one of these at my home,” Hillary said. “I have it over the fireplace; I look at it every day.”

The mementos breathe life into a collection of stories called “The Book of Gutsy Women,” co-authored by mother and daughter, and published by CBS’ Simon & Schuster.

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Folks in the path of Hurricane Irma, among others, might have missed this interview this morning.

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Set your alarm clock!  Set your DVR! With Hillary’s book set to debut in just days, she is about to launch a series of TV appearances starting with an interview with Jane Pauley on CBS’s Sunday Morning. Check your local listings.

hillary clinton jane pauley

With a new book to promote, Hillary Clinton is preparing to re-enter the public eye. Her first stop: a sit-down with Jane Pauley on “CBS Sunday Morning” this coming weekend.

It will be Clinton’s first television interview since the 2016 presidential campaign, and the first interview about her memoir, “What Happened,” a retrospective on her failed White House bid that will officially hit shelves next week.

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For Pauley and CBS, the booking is a coup. Clinton has mostly kept a low profile since her stunning loss to Donald Trump last year. She’s been photographed on walks through the woods and in other random locations, but her interactions with the media have been limited.

Clinton did give an interview to New York Magazine in May in which she called the election night loss to Trump “a crushing, devastating blow.”

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ICYMI, you can catch up with the New York Magazine interview from May here >>>>

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When you manage a huge “get” the smartest thing you can do is mine it for every possible gem.  Fareed Zakaria was among a handful of TV hosts lucky enough to get an interview with Dame Helen Mirren while she was performing in The Audience on Broadway and had Woman in Gold opening.  She did not do many appearances.  Unlike the other royally privileged hosts, Fareed did something very clever.  Two things, really.  He broke his audience into two sittings and used one of them to ask a question no one else has asked her.

Helen Mirren, Douglas Brinkley, Jorge Ramos: Sunday guests

To quote her co-star, Sir Anthony Hopkins,  at the end of RED 2, “I didn’t see that coming!”

But how fascinating!  I know.  I know.  There is a huge contingent out there who would want to see Meryl in that part. But the woman who  brought sympathy to the woman who,  for a week or so in the wake of the death of Diana,  was perhaps the most reviled in the world would be a tantalizing choice to play Hillary.  She could bring out the vulnerability that we all know is there (“Well, that hurts my feelings….”).  Mirren always manages to find the soft spots.  I can’t wait to see what she has to say on this subject.

Helen Mirren: Hillary Clinton a lioness

Hillary Clinton may be getting a lot of criticism lately, but Dame Helen Mirren says she might like to play the presidential candidate. Mirren says the role would very different from Queen Elizabeth II, the actress’ most famous part.

“The Queen, Elizabeth Windsor, I call her … hers is a just, pop my head down, I just do what I’m supposed to do, I do it as well as I can, and I don’t argue and I don’t complain, and I just do it,” Mirren tells Fareed Zakaria on his CNN show Sunday. “Hillary is much fiercer than that. You know, she is a lioness — and Elizabeth Windsor is not — I don’t know what animal she is. I have to think about that one.”


“She would be a wonderful person to play somewhere down the line,” Mirren tells Zakaria. “Someone will do a story, because she has had what an extraordinary trajectory and brilliance, brilliance at handling her world, and what unbelievable challenges she has had over the years.”


… I’m just saying in terms of roles for women in drama, I’m being very self-interested at this point, it would be good — to have Hillary as a president, I think.”

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Back in July, before she closed on Broadway, Helen professed her love for Vin Diesel and said she wanted to be in a Fast & Furious movie.  Within two weeks a script was in the works with a part for her.  So, just saying, Peter Morgan, are you listening?  I think you already are!

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Just my opinion:  Jane conducted the best of the network interviews so far.  I may be biased because she prepped the way I would have and came with notes printed in large font which I also would have done.  Using Hillary’s famous commencement speech as a basis for her questions,  she conducted the interview at  Wellesley during Alumni Weekend.   Here are a few clips.



​Hillary Clinton on making “what appears to be impossible, possible”

The days of calling Hillary Clinton “Madam Secretary” are over. Now, the question is whether she’s again contemplating a run for an even more august title. You no doubt have heard about her new book “Hard Choices” (published by CBS’ Simon and Schuster). Several days ago the former first lady sat down with our Jane Pauley for some Questions and Answers…

Beneath the tower of Green Hall, by the shores of Lake Waban, Wellesley College alumnae returned last weekend to their alma mater — among them, former first lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Class of 1969.

She laughed as she recognized photos of herself from when she was 21 (“Oh my gosh. Yes. Boy, I had long, long hair.”

“What are you laughing at?” asked Pauley.

“I’m laughing at my gestures.”

And the pants? “You know what, I have to tell you — I’ve never been a fashion icon, in case you haven’t noticed, but this was a particularly bad choice.”

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Many of us had long hair then, and I had those pants.  I wore them to death because my friend Maria said they made me look “long.”  Being vertically challenged, I found that a fashion “do.”

For the record:  I still call her Madame Secretary.

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