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It takes time to process what happened.  It was a loss, and so it is not unusual for our community to be experiencing stages of grief.

In her concession speech, Hillary told us,

“This is painful, and it will be for a long time. But I want you to remember this: Our campaign was never about one person or even one election. It was about the country we love and about building an America that’s hopeful, inclusive, and bighearted.”

Yes, it was about our country, about our future and that means it was about people too young to vote, many of whom demonstrated their disappointment the only way available to them, by walking out of school, by organizing peaceful protests, by exercising their 1st Amendment rights most creatively and vociferously.  Good for them!

True,  it was not about one person.  It was about the vision our candidate and leader crafted for us by way of her interlocking plans – plans and intersections that she had little opportunity to expose in the broadest available forum – the presidential debates. We are so accustomed to seeing Hillary patiently attempt to wait out interruptions to get to the next topic. In these debates she did manage to interrupt the interruptions, but the distractions were too many to allow her to piece together her plans for the largest audiences of the campaign season.

Yet, it appears that voters, young and old, of every race and ethnicity, male and female, married and single, with and without kids, aging parents, disabilities, LGBT family and friends, cats, dogs, parakeets, goldfish, and hamsters-for-Hillary voted for Hillary Clinton!  An immense number of voters! Hillary won the popular vote while losing the election.  As of this posting,  this map shows two states still too close to call.  While the electoral votes have floated Trump over the 270 mark,  Hillary remains ahead in the popular vote.

We have been through this before of course.  In 2008 Hillary won the popular vote but amassed insufficient delegates in the primary.  More nationally traumatically, in 2000 Al Gore was ahead in the popular vote, but Florida was too close to call.  We all remember the nightmare of those five weeks when the recount was on, off, on again, and then off again and finally, for the country, Al Gore conceded.

There are steps Hillary could have taken on election day or even the day after. She could have held off on her concession.  In close states, she probably could have requested recounts.  What she did instead was to spare the country a protracted period of suspense and uncertainty.  Like a flu shot, conceding hurt while preventing more devastating pain and suffering.  She might have ended up conceding anyway, but doing so Wednesday morning, November 9, was so much better for the country than the first or second week of December. Hillary is a true patriot and selflessly put the country first. Forget trying to influence the Electoral College. Hillary has made her move.

Still 4 Hill, this blog, stood back and remained  silent when voices exerted increasing pressure on Hillary, from late 2013 through early Spring 2015, to make this run.  We knew the consequences would be a brutal campaign season.  Once she decided, however, we were in this for the long run and did everything we could here to help.  This community gave generously of time, energy, and funds (we tallied $11,432 – most of it in small, regular donations) to Hillary’s campaign. I could not be prouder of the efforts all of you put forth.  I could not be prouder of our candidateThis Thanksgiving, I thank God for her and all of you! You are all warriors!  Intrepid!

Hillary will probably end up winning the popular vote, and that speaks volumes about her message and her reach. Once, back in 2008 at an Eagle Academy graduation, a pastor who was giving the blessing told Hillary, “God isn’t finished with you yet.”  I thought about that after she conceded.  I believe it is still true.  There is more to come from Hillary Clinton, and we can’t wait to see what it is.

One thing I have said here many times is that I am thankful to walk the earth at the same time as Hillary Clinton.  We are all very lucky. Here is a letter from us to our Hillary.

Dearest Hillary,

We guess it is now OK to address you as Hillary since we have been on a first name basis for awhile now in emails (and we are thrilled). How do we thank the woman who left it all on the field in the biggest contest on earth?  You have inspired and encouraged us in so many ways.

Thank you, Hillary, for all of your hard work, for all that you have taught us, for all the punishment you have taken, for being the first woman to win a major party’s presidential nomination.  Thank you for always smiling, for fighting back when you had to, for being a role model for little girls and women, for running with honor, and for being our face to the world as secretary of state and as a presidential candidate.  Thank you for your lovely graciousness, for your warmth, for your interest in our issues, and for taking the trouble always to look beautiful and unruffled.  Women know what that takes.  We appreciate it. Thank you for your boundless energy that spurred us on even when we thought we would collapse from the pace. So many times when we were waning we would “Hillary up” and move on to the next task.

Thank you for being an exemplar of what women can achieve given opportunity,  a plank in your platform, not just in 2016, but all of your life. We know that being a public figure has never been especially comfortable for you, but you knew that being public made all of us more visible.

Thank you for being even-handed and fair. For all of your encouragement of women and girls, you never ignored or forgot the little boys.  You included them, and they heard you. Despite media hype, you had solid support from men as well as women because you listened to everyone’s stories and concerns.

Thank you, Hillary. You are our hero! We all love you. We mean it!

With all our love always,

The Still 4 Hill Community

P.S. (From the author: I know that every single time I have ever been in your presence I have seemed to be reciting a litany of thank yous. They are from the heart and sincere. I am privileged to have made your acquaintance and thankful for all you have done. Happy Thanksgiving!)

Folks, I know these seem like dark days.  Hillary’s struggle has not died with her campaign.  She will find other paths. Like good scouts, we will be here to blaze the trail with her.  We Are #StillWithHer because we are, after all, Still 4 Hill, and she is still with us. Add your own thoughts in the comment thread or just sign. I will print it out and send it to Hillary.

Thanksgiving is coming, the most American holiday aside from the 4th of July, and we have much to be thankful for.


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Happy Thanksgiving, Mme. Secretary,  to you and to your lovely family.  This  year, as always,  we are thankful for your dedication, diligence, perseverance,  and consistence.   We thank the good Lord that you have been there for us and for the world in times of crisis, and that God gave you the gifts necessary to deal with the problems and resolve the issues.   We thank Him for your brilliance and your charm in sorting out global challenges and interacting with world leaders.   We thank Him for your communication skills – we always learn something new listening to you.   I, personally, am thankful that I am your contemporary and get to be on this earth while you are.   Thank you,  Mme. Secretary,  for all you do.   We Still4Hillers  love you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who visit here!

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Not only on Thanksgiving, but every day, I thank God for making me a contemporary of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I am thankful for her earnest and brilliant service,  her tireless dedication to our country, her courage, and her honest blue-eyed gaze right into our eyes when she speaks.   I am thankful too, daily, for her dear mother who gave us her exceptional little girl.

Mme. Secretary, this Thanksgiving, as every day, I will be saying a prayer for your continued good health and safety on your many voyages.  I know your mother will be watching over you, and we, here at this blog, will continue following your extraordinary work.

Happy Thanksgiving.  May the Lord keep you safe.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday with all of those you love.

To all the readers here:

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for your faithful visits and wonderful comments!  I thank God for all of you, too, and your devotion to our wonderful SOS!

PYW sent me this YouTube of Chelsea speaking about her grandmother.  I thought it appropriate to add it in here.  Have a lovely holiday!

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Dear Madame Secretary,

I wish you a warm, peaceful, restful, and Happy Thanksgiving with your loving family.  We are lucky to have you at the helm of State, and that is something for which I am thankful every day of the year.  Your hard work is much appreciated.  That you go about your business with such humility and good cheer sets a wonderful example for all Americans as well as for people the world over.

Your admirers are equally grateful to your family for so generously sharing you with us and with the world.   Your mother has given us an American treasure.

I say this every year, and I shall once again:  I am grateful that I have the chance to be on earth at the same time as you are.   The accident of birth can separate us by centuries from people in history that we might have wanted to know.  That I have the chance to watch you making history in real time is a privilege.  Thank you for all you do and have a wonderful holiday.




Readers might like to have a glimpse into some of Mme. Secretary’s activities for the next few days.  This comes, not from some social calendar, though.  It is from P.J. Crowley’s press briefing today.



Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary
Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
November 24, 2010

MR. CROWLEY: First of all, happy Wednesday and, one day early, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Just to kind of set expectations, under current thinking, we will not brief on Friday. We will, through the next four days, keep you updated through various forums, including Twitter. We would expect the Secretary to have a series of calls in the coming days with her counterparts, expect, for the most part, with counterparts discussing the situation in North Korea. I think Mark flagged for you yesterday that we have calls pending with her counterparts from Japan and Korea. I wouldn’t rule out other discussions as well.

We’re mindful that Friday is the anniversary of the attack in Mumbai. I would expect that we’ll have a statement to put out. Maybe we’ll try to put that out sometime tomorrow so that it can be reported for Friday in India. But – not that there’s anything coming up this weekend, but we will be available to you during the weekend as we anticipate an emerging story, shall we say.


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