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The new HBO miniseries has not made it clear that the disappearances in a single moment of millions of people worldwide was actually ‘The Rapture,’ but it was clear in the premiere last night that the event three years in the past occurred on Hillary Clinton’s watch as secretary of state.

While the mystified characters who were left behind followed reportage of the event on a TV in a pub, photos of celebrities taken flashed across the screen.  They included Hillary’s predecessor, Condi Rice, the pope at the time Benedict XVI, and,  to everyone’s bewilderment, Gary Busey.

Then, in the familiar surroundings of the Thomas Jefferson Room, we saw Hillary Clinton briefing the press.  No, she was not smiling as in this, one of my favorite pictures of her in that setting, since obviously presiding over talking points to the media about an event of such global proportions had grave implications.


‘The Leftovers’: Why were these eight celebrities raptured?

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