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The channel is not available from my provider, and the video cannot be viewed outside the UK, so if you are there, lucky you!  For the record, though, Hillary was interviewed for a BBC documentary that aired on BBC2 last night.  Here is the link to the video,  for those who can access it.  followed by a review.

Hillary Clinton: The Power of Women, TV review: Women’s rights isn’t about the battle of the sexes – it’s the inequality, stupid

The documentary was a story of what’s happened to women in the world since Clinton gave a landmark speech at the UN’s Fourth World Congress on Women

Before BBC2 turned to the possible next US President in Hillary Clinton: the Power of Women, it launched a new documentary series The Ladykillers: Pest Detectives. The latter’s premise was based on the fact that a mere six per cent of pest-control professionals in the UK are women. It’s a classic bit of man-bites-dog TV commissioning. Look at the women! Killing the rats! Fancy that!

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Thanks to Jen for finding the Youtube!

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