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She “would like to” apologize, but then she did not actually apologize. It is a shame, when you stand on the shoulders of giants, that you forget, even for a moment, how you got there. Hint: It was not thanks to Bernie.

Let’s see that morning after tweet-thread.

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Like a sleep-deprived European critic at the Cannes Film Festival, Rep. Rashida Tlaib let ‘er rip with a hearty “boo!” aimed at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a rally for Senator Bernie Sanders in Clive, Iowa.

The congresswoman from Michigan appeared on a panel alongside Rep. Pramila Jayapal and her fellow so-called “squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar during Sanders’s “Caucus Concert.” Discussion moderator Dionna Langford (an Iowa-based activist and youngest member of the Des Moines Public School board) brought up Secretary Clinton’s recent suggestion made in The Hollywood Reporter that “nobody likes Bernie Sanders.”

Before Langford was able to finish her point, a few people in the crowd jeered, prompting her to say “we’re not gonna’ boo, we’re classy.” Tlaib, chuckling, took that as her cue to gainsay Langford’s position.

“You all know, I can’t be quiet,” she said, as Jayapal and Omar doubled over in laughter.

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Hillary is not running and has not endorsed anyone. This blog is not in election year mode at the moment.  Tlaib and her squad sisters would do well to keep this etched in their memories going forward.


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