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If you are a regular visitor here, the new movie “The To Do List” might not normally be your preferred summer film fare.   But,  set in 1993, with a late-adolescent theme,  it features a main character whose hands-down shero, as indicated in the review below, is none other than our very own icon of feminist accomplishment, then FLOTUS, Hillary Rodham Clinton!  Given that some readers may well have been that young high school graduate in those days, it may be a “To See Movie” this summer  – especially if they still have drive-in movies near you!


The To Do List may be the only sex comedy ever filmed in which Hillary Clinton figures prominently. The very funny feature, from writer/director Maggie Carey, stars deadpan Parks and Recreation princess Aubrey Plaza as an uncharacteristically optimistic Type A high-school student. Upon graduation, Plaza’s character, Brandy Klark, realizes that she has fallen unacceptably short in one area—sex education—and vows to complete a “to do list” of physical challenges before the summer ends. Set in 1993, the film co-stars Connie Britton as Brandy’s mother, Bill Hader as her boss, Johnny Simmons as her lab partner, and Hillary Clinton—Brandy’s idol—as herself. Although she does not appear in person, and may not have any idea about her cameo, the former Secretary of State is regularly pictured hanging in a frame on Brandy’s bedroom wall, where she unknowingly chaperones Plaza’s onscreen exploration of the R-rated unknown.

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We’ll celebrate Hillary any way we can get her!

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