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Hillary Clinton joined George Stephanopoulos on This Week this morning, live from California.

‘This Week’ Transcript: Hillary Clinton

By ABC News

THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT FOR ‘THIS WEEK’ ON June 5, 2016 and it will be updated.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Madam Secretary, thank you for joining us.

HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you, George

STEPHANOPOULOS: Your supporters have been pretty fired up in the last couple of days as you’ve been taking it to Donald Trump, and you also step it up using words like demagogue and dictator. Have you concluded that the best way to beat Donald Trump is to be a bit more like him?

CLINTON: No, not at all. I laid out in my speech in San Diego the crux of my concerns and my case against him on foreign policy and national security. And a lot of what he says plays into what I consider to be a very divisive and dangerous view of the world. And I think it’s important that we call it for what it is.

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phone calls

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With Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, Hillary discussed, among other things, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan (where she is going today), the Sanders campaign allegations on banking influences, and the “shout out” from male pundits.


  1. She is very well-informed on the subject of lead poisoning from both a medical and an infrastructure point of view.  She knows what needs to be done, medically, for the children exposed to the toxic water, and she also knows what needs to be done to the water lines. Do any other candidates from either party have the battery of information on this subject that Hillary has?DSCN2808 DSCN2809
  2. She explained, once again, how her financial plan is broader than Bernie Sanders’s plan as she also is going after giant corporations that gouge the public and evade taxes. She said she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t join her in this battle. DSCN2820
  3. As to the shouting, she said we all know that we are still dealing with a double standard and that sexism is not a thing of the past. By the way, anyone who listened to her at her Portsmouth event last night must admit that her normal tone at rallies is conversational not the full-volume blast that Bernie continually puts out.DSCN2822 DSCN2823 DSCN2824


Great quote: “Anger’s not a plan and venting’s not a strategy.”

On This Week with George Stephanopoulos, she voiced her appreciation of Bernie’s SNL stint. She also took on the extreme remarks of Marco Rubio on abortion in last night’s GOP debate. There, too,  she took on the spin about the bankruptcy bill – specifically with regard to the effect of the proposals on separated and divorced women and their children. She said she is not going to take the Sanders smears anymore, but largely, she was arguing against comments by Elizabeth Warren there.  As to the Goldman Sachs speeches, she said everyone who has given speeches to private organizations should then release their transcripts and the standard, if this is going to be the new standard, should apply to all.


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She also discussed the Flint situation on Meet the Press.  (That repeats later on MSNBC.)  She was on Face the Nation as well.  That repeats later on CBSN.




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“I have big goals.  I tell you how I am going to get there and how I’m going to pay for them.”


“I’m not going to sit here and overpromise and underdeliver.”


“I’m going to tell you what I know we can achieve.”


“I am focused on my mission to make sure this country works for everybody.”


These are some of the very resounding remarks Hillary Clinton made this morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.


She was forceful, full of energy, enthusiasm, optimism, and fight.  She came out swinging against the latest email dustup as well as in favor of her platform and plans.


Hillary Clinton is fighting for us.  If you can today, maybe you can take a few minutes to fight for her and show her you are with her!

Here’s how you can make calls to Iowa today!  Everything you need to know and do is there, training included.



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Hillary revisited This Week with George Stephanopoulos today.

Hillary Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders of ‘Flip-Flopping’ on Guns











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Hillary stood by her very complex plan to combat ISIS, this morning, emphasizing local stakeholders as the boots on the ground while allowing for an increase in Special Ops advisors and trainers.  Unlike the GOP candidates, Hillary’s plan very much includes plugging the holes in gun laws.  She also spoke strongly about the role social media plays in ISIS recruitment and the need for social media to cooperate in the battle since hearts and minds are being won over via these popular platforms.

Here are a few excerpts.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Why not declare war?

CLINTON: Well, declare war is a very legal term, as you know so well. I think what we want to do is make sure we have every tool at our disposal to, number one, destroy there would-be caliphate in Syria and in Ra — in Iraq.

Number two, do everything we can to dismantle this very effective virtual jihadist network that they are using on the Internet.

And number three, do whatever is necessary to protect us here at home.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What are you concerned about in the declaration of war?

CLINTON: Well, I think that the legal experts say that if we — there are a lot who say that we already have the authority we need to go after ISIS or any international terrorist network, including al Qaeda and anybody else in the AUMF.

I think it is important, though, for the Congress to vote on behalf of the American people and to make sure that we are updating it to take into account the new authorities that that risks.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You put — you’ve also been reluctant to say we’re fighting radical Islam. And I wonder why not.

Isn’t it a mistake not to say it plain, that the violence is being pushed by radical elements in that faith?

CLINTON: Well, that’s a different thing. Radical elements who use a dangerous and distorted view of Islam to promote their jihadist ambitions, I’m fine with that. I say it all the time and I go after Islamic, too.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So what’s the problem with radical Islam?

CLINTON: Well, the problem is that that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. And that, to me, is, number one, wrong but…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Even though the qualifier radical is there?

CLINTON: No, because, look, that — you know enough about religion, you’ve studied it. And there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things in every religion in the world.

I don’t want to do that because, number one, it doesn’t do justice to the vast numbers of Muslims in our own country and around the world who are peaceful people.

Number two, it helps to create this clash of civilizations that is actually a recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical jihadists who use this as a way of saying we’re in a war against the West. You must join us. If you are a Muslim, you must join us.

No. If you’re a law-abiding, peace-loving Muslim, you need to be with us against those who are distorting Islam.

Here is the full transcript >>>>

During her extensive appearance she also defended her multi-layered plans for economic growth and middle-class ascendance. Find these here >>>>

Hillary Clinton Fact Sheet: Strengthening Rural America

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Lower Prescription Costs

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Financial Markets

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Caregivers

Fact Sheet: Hillary Clinton’s Infrastructure Plan

Hillary Clinton Addresses The Economy in New York City

Jeb Bush visited after Hillary in rebuttal, and essentially reiterated her plan to combat ISIS.  He said something about taking power away from Washington and shifting it back to states and middle class America.  That is GOP code for shifting power  to corporations and financial institutions and keeping the money at the top.

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You can access more information at the program’s website >>>>


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