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The Clinton Foundation does a great deal of work in Africa.  Both Chelsea and Hillary Clinton have made the effort to save African elephants an important item on their agenda at the foundation.  Elephant poaching and wildlife trafficking are tied to funding of terrorist groups and thus pose major security threats.   Chelsea spoke to ELLE Magazine about a joint effort with TOMS Shoes.

Chelsea Clinton Wants You to Save the Elephants by Going Shoe Shopping

November 17

Photo: Courtesy of TOMS

Chelsea Clinton has early memories of going with her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, to Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas and visiting the elephants. “[They] were always my favorite part of what already was such a magical day,” she says. Later, in the ’90s, she was able to visit the elephants again in their natural habitat with her mother, and yet again a decade later with her husband. “Seeing different elephant families as my own family has developed has been such a privilege.”

Further distinguishing them from service and therapy animals, emotional support pets do not require specialized training or certification to play their part.

Clinton is speaking with ELLE.com about the animals not only because of her love for them, but because of the Clinton Foundation’s commitment to save Africa’s elephants. Now, in partnership with TOMS shoes, you too can join the effort to help end this crisis.

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