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The Twitter account calling itself “VerifiedClinton” disappeared overnight.  We do not know exactly why.  Several of the ladies here were tweeting about the true identity of the person behind it, and his picture and the link were up on Chelsea’s Facebook page.  One way or another, that account came down.  Whether we had anything to do with it or not, it is a victory for verification at Twitter,  as well as for a security measure for public figures on Facebook.

As I pointed out a few days ago,  it is one thing to run a tribute account admitting right up front not to be HRC.   It is another to impersonate a public figure and frame your words as that person’s.  That is fraud, and it is nothing to fool around with, particularly  when you are impersonating Hillary Clinton, as  yesterday made clear.

While Hillary has many, many female loyalists,  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits is deep, broad,  and strong,  I have never found a woman at the bottom of a Hillary impersonation.  This should be the first clue to the potential impersonator that perhaps fraud is not a good idea. Even if you live with a woman, you do not have a female perspective on life. Your POV is going to be off.  Hillary’s sisters know her voice,  and we know immediately when we hear a false note in yours.   Trust me, there are many false notes.  As good an impressionist as you may think you are, we will spot you immediately based on the above never mind the security measures the popular social nets have in place,  the second reason why you should stop dead in your tracks.

Twitter has a very obvious way to signal that celebrities and public figures are who they say they are.  Using the word “verified” in your handle is a dead giveaway that you are not, especially when the blue check is missing on your banner.

When the verification is missing and the voice is off, it initiates a series of events.

1 – Hillary’s sisters notice.

2 – They consult with each other since they have stayed very tightly knit over the years.

3 – They get mad.

4 – They revert to PUMA mode. (In case you are unfamiliar,  picture an angry mountain lion whose cub is in danger.   We guard Hillary as if she were our cub, and she has a lot of mothers.)

5 – The inevitable – a pack of angry PUMA women will go after you and bring you down.

No matter how smart you think you are (and I will not publish here the stupidest thing “VerifiedClinton” did that gave him away on Chelsea’s Facebook wall), or how well you think you are imitating HRC, we will root you out.  So don’t even consider trying to impersonate the awesome and inimitable Hillary Rodham Clinton unless you don’t mind a pack of angry PUMA women at your heels.


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The person or persons masquerading as Hillary Clinton on Twitter under the unverified (no blue check mark) name VerifiedClinton crossed a new and dangerous line last night when they announced a Q & A session with Hillary who would personally answer your questions.

Scheduled for 5 a.m. New York time, it was called off due to problems with the Twitter feed,  but this account has picked up many followers who apparently believe that it is Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account.

Here is the header with the last few tweets which exclude my own question (below) which was apparently blocked because I have been questioning this account too much.

My blocked question.


Why does supposedly @VerifiedClinton not carry the official blue verified check mark? #donottrustthisisverified

Verified Clinton’s Twitter feed.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton


Official Twitter for Hillary Clinton. This is Hillary’s private account so feel free to get in contact. Tweets by Hillary are signed-HC

United States of America · officialclinton.wordpress.com


  1. @Dimp333 Of course you can. Hillary will answer directly on most occasions as well! JUst look out for the -HC signature. Thanks -TeamHC

  2. Unfortunately due to technical diffuclties with the twitter feed, we have to postpone the Q and A with Hillary. Tommorw morning 5am NYtime.

  3. Hillary will be doing a ‘Q and A’ twitter event this morning at 5am New York Time. (3 hours away)… Get your questions ready! -TeamHC

I decided to post the link to the Twitter account in a comment thread on Chelsea’s wall asking her if she knew who was running this in her mother’s name,  and this is what appeared  on her wall.  When I link it anywhere else on Facebook, the profile picture of Hillary appears.  But on Chelsea’s wall this man’s picture appeared.  Very interesting!


I had suspected it was a man.   The 5 a.m. New York time for the Q & A led a few of us to suspect that this person is not in the U.S.  Imitating someone on social media is at least unethical.  Perhaps it is illegal.  If this person is not in the U.S. he probably thinks he is not subject to any retribution.   It is very dangerous to purport to speak in someone else’s name.  It is deceptive.

Most Twitter users know that no account is “verified” on Twitter unless it has the blue check.

Verified Accounts

Verified Accounts Verified account


Accounts verified by Twitter.

San Francisco · http://twitter.com/help/verified

Tweets All / No replies

  1. The most important one-pager that every verified Twitter user should read: Keeping Your Account Secure https://support.twitter.com/articles/76036-safety-keeping-your-account-secure# …

  2. Twitter will never, ever ask you for your password. If you receive a verification request asking for your account information, it’s false.

  3. Verification is not currently open to the general public. Learn more about the types of accounts that are eligible: http://twitter.com/help/verified

This is clearly a case of impersonation.  Until now,  I had entertained the faint possibility that eventually a blue check might show up on that account,  but it becomes ever clearer that this account has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and should be suspended.  Who is this man?

**Edited to add:  See comment thread below where Uppity Woman busted him.  Note to Hillary impersonators:  Beware the boxing cats!**

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