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Shortly after achieving an historic trilateral agreement among the U.S., Afghanistan, and Pakistan (largely ignored by mass media), the intrepid Hillary Clinton touched down in Laos today. It was the first visit there by a secretary of state in 57 years. By my calculation, that makes John Foster Dulles her nearest top diplomat predecessor. His visit occurred when HRC was seven.

Here are some pics from wheels down Laos to wheels up for her third country of today – Cambodia where she co-chaired an ASEAN summit. We see her with Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong and Laotian Foreign Minister Thongloun Sisoulith at the Government Office in Vientiane, visiting the Cooperative Orthotic Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) Center which helps victims of Vietnam War-era exploded bombs where a client is obviously thrilled to meet her, and finally on a tour of the Ho Phra Keo Temple also in Vientiane.

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