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Well, it is not exactly the first phase since we have been assured by Hillary herself that she will definitely be writing a book,  but I guess this is pretty reliable, and certainly not unanticipated.  Given the range of engagements cited,  some of the content may be available in the public domain.  According to Chuck Hagel’s testimony during his confirmation hearing,  it seems pretty clear that the higher paying speeches will not be available to the public.  That will be frustrating.   I hope she finds a way to let us know her speaking schedule.

By MIKE ALLEN | 02/18/13 6:08 AM EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will hit the paid speaking circuit this spring (likely April or May) and has selected the Harry Walker Agency, which represents President Clinton, as her agent. Industry officials expect that she will be one of the highest paid speakers in the history of the circuit, with fees well into the six figures in the United States and abroad.  Secretary Clinton will likely do some speeches for no fee for causes she champions, and expects to occasionally donate her fees for charitable purposes. Clinton, who will maintain her homes in Washington and Chappaqua, is also beginning to make decisions about the book she has said she will write, an account of her four years as secretary of State. Non-profit work will be another component of her new life, perhaps through her husband’s foundation or one of her own.

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Some photos taken during the concert show Bill and Hillary enjoying the show.  Backstage photos show Hillary with Robbie Robertson, Steve Bing, Bonnie Raitt and Joni Mitchell.  Not that I need to tell anyone here, since it is plain to see, but Hillary looked absolutely gorgeous.

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You can watch the concert replay here.

This article has some video for the Gaga fans. Seems some of the performers took interesting liberties with their own lyrics.  I agree with Gaga … Bill has a hot wife!

Lady Gaga Performs for Bill Clinton and His ‘Hot’ Wife

October 16, 2011

Lady Gaga Performs for Bill Clinton and His ‘Hot’ Wife

Bill and Hillary Clinton seem like the kind of couple who listen exclusively to jazz. I picture Bill smiling away as the sax hits a high note and Hillary just sort of dealing with it, her face a blank, expressionless void. But maybe that’s just me, and apparently I am wrong. Billary are big Gaga fans. The couple, along with Chelsea, was beaming last night when the Mother Monster took the stage for the former President’s belated b-day bash “A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation” in LA, despite some sexy strutting and the F-bomb.

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Here I was bemoaning my inability to find any photos from last night’s gala, and it was LillyEllen to the rescue.  She painstakingly provided all the links to these.  Thank you, LillyEllen!

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There are 51 photos from the red carpet as the celebrities arrived located here.

Gallery View:President Clinton’s 65th Birthday Gala – Arrivals

You can read more and watch a video of the red carpet arrivals here.  Unfortunately I cannot embed the video.

Celebs come out for Bill Clinton’s B-day bash

By Rory Brunner

The Clinton Foundation kicked off a weekend of celebrating former President Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday, as well as 10 years of the William J. Clinton Foundation, by hosting a gala dinner featuring Stevie Nicks and special guests.

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The concert will be livestreamed here at 10 p.m. EDT tonight. Enjoy!

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On the heels of the celebration in Little Rock of the 20th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s presidential bid, the Clintons have migrated to L.A. to celebrate the 10th birthday of the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons Spend Weekend in LA to Raise Money for Foundation

The former first family will host several events to celebrate the foundation’s 10 years of work for global change

By Ashley Gordon  Friday, Oct 14, 2011  |  Updated 10:10 PM PDT

The Clinton family’s weekend-long stint in Los Angeles will be one centered on philanthropy.

The former first family will host a gala celebrating Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday and a celebrity-filled benefit concert, all with the aim of raising money for the William J. Clinton Foundation.

This year marks 10 years of the foundation’s global efforts on a host of causes, including health, economies and the environment.

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How fitting that on the birthday of a world humanitarian with whom she is rather well acquainted, Secretary Clinton issues a statement commemorating World Humanitarian Day. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are great humanitarians.

Commemoration of World Humanitarian Day

Press Statement

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
August 19, 2011

In situations of conflict and instability around the world, humanitarians stand up against violence, human suffering and indifference. On this World Humanitarian Day, we honor their sacrifice. Whether by defending their own neighbors, or helping to save lives in distant countries in conflict, the work of humanitarians is an essential component to promoting peace and stability around the world.

Today in the Horn of Africa humanitarians are helping to distribute food and water to those who are severely malnourished. They are providing healthcare, sanitation, protection, and other services to the millions of people in need, even as al-Shabaab has killed and threatened aid workers. There are also credible reports that al-Shabaab is preventing desperate Somalis from leaving the areas under its control. Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands of Somalis have managed to flee to the north or leave the country altogether. That, in turn, severely strains the capacity of humanitarian and aid workers who are fighting to save lives. So I once again urge al-Shabaab to heed the calls not only of the international community, but the cries of its own people, to allow the secure delivery of relief to all those who are affected.

These efforts are a reminder of the impact of our work. But more than that, they reflect America’s highest ideals and aspirations. Humanitarian assistance is one of our core values, and the American people have shown time and again that we will give to help people in dire circumstances. The United States has led the world in overseas support for humanitarian protection and assistance, and we have provided asylum and refuge for millions of people.

But we know how much remains to be done. From the Horn of Africa to Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, aid workers are saving millions of lives. It is our hope that by honoring these humanitarian workers today and every day, we will embolden their efforts and inspire future humanitarians to commit their lives to helping others.

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Today, former President and future First Gent, William Jefferson Clinton celebrates his 65th birthday.  I along with many, submitted my birthday wishes to him at the Clinton Foundation website.  Here is what I wrote.

Dear Mr. President,

On the occasion of this landmark birthday, Mr. President, I send you my heartfelt wishes for many more healthy and happy years with your loving family and with us doing your prodigious work all around the globe. May God keep you in the hollow of His hand always.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a restful vacation. I hope you have fair weather and a lovely time. You might mention to your spectacular wife that her army is still out here more prepared than ever for a 2012 run. Our country needs her leadership in these dire times.

Happy 65th!

With deep admiration and appreciation,

(my real name here)

You can add your voice to the birthday chorus if you have not already. Here is the link to the William J. Clinton Foundation.

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Check your local listings. Set your DVR. On the schedule: a very Clintonian week at UNGA and CGI.

Guests for Sunday news shows

By The Associated Press (AP)

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows:


ABC’s “This Week” — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

CBS’ “Face the Nation” — Former President Bill Clinton.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” — Bill Clinton; former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

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It’s a painful week for Yankees fans. Just days after the passing of “The Voice of Yankee Stadium,” Bob Sheppard, we learned this morning of the death of “The Boss,” George Steinbrenner III. He was nothing if not single-minded, causing some rocky times between him and his many managers and also with the fans, but in the end we have to admit that he built an amazing empire based on standards higher than any other in baseball. We may not always have felt warm and fuzzy about him, but we respected his due diligence. The many times we drove our highways with “World Champs” flags flying, and brooms across the back windowsills of our cars were thanks to Mr. Steinbrenner’s work ethic,  and my lovely collection of World Champs tee shirts were thanks to his rules. We had no idea what a handsome face was lurking beneath all that hair on Johnny of Nazareth until he appeared clean-cut and clean-shaven the day Johnny Damon signed with the Yanks.

So now, on the day of the All-Star Game, we must cope with his passing. It will be sad. There will be a moment of silence for Mr. Steinbrenner. Derek Jeter’s at bat will be announced by a recording of Bob Sheppard’s voice, as he always is at Yankee Stadium.

The former Senator from New York and current Secretary of State Clinton knew Mr. Steinbrenner initially as First Lady.  She and Former President Clinton released this statement today.

Joint Statement by President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Passing of George Steinbrenner

The passing of George Steinbrenner marks the end of an era. Baseball has lost a giant, New York has lost a champion, and we have lost a friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Steinbrenner family today and with all the friends, colleagues, and fans who loved The Boss.

George was a fierce competitor who was the perfect fit for the city that never sleeps – colorful, dynamic and always reaching for the stars. His Yankees brought home seven World Series championships and provided inspiration and entertainment to people in New York and around the world. He was a generous friend and supporter of the community. And after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, when New York needed it most, George and the Yankees helped lift our battered spirits. He was born on the Fourth of July and loved his country even more than his team.

We were delighted to host George and the team at the White House in 1999 to celebrate one of their many World Series victories, and privileged to call him our friend. The man behind the myth was generous, loyal and always passionate. On that day at the White House, as we walked out on the South Lawn together and the band struck up “Hail to the Chief,” Bill playfully reminded George, “Don’t get any ideas, it’s not for you.” But George always had his own song. They say that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, and nobody knew that as well as George Steinbrenner. He will be sorely missed.

Source: clintonfoundation.org

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