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Christine Quinn comes from a very personal place to explain in language anyone can understand, without a lot of frills,  Hillary’s evolution on marriage equality.

Christine Quinn on Hillary Clinton & Marriage Equality

Christine Quinn

Clinton has come to understand same-sex marriages the same way most Americans have evolved regarding the reality that everyone deserves marriage equality

Today, we have a woman running for President of the United States who fully supports marriage equality. She is also likely to be the only nominee running for president that does. That is something all Americans should be thrilled about. Her position is clear and rock solid, and they way she came to that conclusion is the same way most people do, including some of my own family members. Like most Americans, her position is one that evolved and developed from personal interactions with LGBT Americans and their families, and through a long and deep soul searching. I know a little bit about this process: It’s how my father came to support my right to marry and then eventually walk me down the aisle when I married my wife.

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The media likes to present the process of coming to new terms on old issues as flip-flopping.  It is not.   I saw my own father, who was employed by the defense industry, evolve on the Viet Nam War.   Quinn describes the process perfectly.  It is deeply personal, and while there often is a material or concrete side to the question there is usually a profoundly spiritual or abstract personal one as well.

Don’t we want leaders who reflect on important issues that affect people’s lives?  While some in the media preoccupy themselves with some calendar where they tick off days since Hillary Clinton has responded to a question from the press, Hillary Clinton is on the road listening to Americans – to our concerns, our aspirations,  our perceptions,  and our positions.  She will respond to the noisy media who pretend to be the voice of the people in due time after she has spent some time listening to us and reflecting upon what she has heard.


Evolving is not flip-flopping.  It is a process.  Where do you stand?  How do you feel?  What is your position?

  • On marriage equality?
  • On pay equality?
  • On arms and ammunition control?
  • On capital punishment?
  • On the role of women in civil society?
    • In business?
    • In government?
    • In making their own health decisions?
  • On hundreds of other issues and questions….

Have these positions remained stable for you or have they changed over time?  Most of us have probably gone through some changes.  Why should Hillary Clinton be any different?  Would you even want a leader who neither listens nor reflects?

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Hillary for America

Friend —

With today’s vote to restrict a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, Republicans in Congress have made it abundantly clear where their priorities lie:

Instead of helping everyday Americans and their families, these politicians are trying to take women back more than 40 years.

I’ll stand up for women and our right to access reproductive health care. Will you join me?

This bill puts women’s health and rights at risk. It undermines the role doctors play in personal health care decisions, and it burdens survivors of sexual assault.

It also follows a dangerous trend we are witnessing across the country. In just the first three months of 2015, more than 300 bills have been introduced in state legislatures — on top of the nearly 30 introduced in Congress — that restrict access to abortion.

Republicans won’t lift a finger to ensure paid family leave or increase access to quality childcare, but apparently they’ll waste time and taxpayer money to try and get between a woman and her doctor.

I’ve stood up for women and families my entire career. Safeguarding women’s reproductive health and rights is critical and deeply connected to building stronger families and a stronger America.

Add your name if you’ll take on this fight with me:


Thank you for joining me,


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The detention of women’s activists in must end. This is inexcusable. Read this story:

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Protecting pregnant women from discrimination shouldn’t be a fight, should be as American as apple pie. More to do:

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…2) Playing politics with trafficking victims… 3) Threatening women’s health & rights.

Congressional trifecta against women today: 1) Blocking great nominee, 1st African American woman AG, for longer than any AG in 30 years…

Mme. Secretary, respectfully, time to reactivate the Facebook account (forget about MySpace) when 140 characters are not enough.

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Hillary Clinton just vowed to continue the fight for women's rights:
I know there are still some people who roll their eyes when I or others say that women's issues are America's issues, but they're just going to have to get used to it. -- Hillary Clinton
We're sending her a card to thank her for always pushing for progress.
Will you sign it?


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Hillary Rodham Clinton to Speak Thursday on Women’s Economic Participation

October 27, 2014 – Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will speak on “The Power of Women’s Economic Participation” Thursday at an event sponsored by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS).

The 12:45 p.m. talk will be webcast live (at georgetown.edu) as part of the institute’s relaunch of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership (ICWBL) at Georgetown.

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