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The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

October 25, 2008

Dear Hillary,

Wishing you a happy and peaceful birthday. We are so lucky to have you. Thank you for all of your hard work and for always looking so beautiful. You make boomer women proud.

Have a wonderful day.



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For the record, having been offered a position by Saul Alinsky following her graduation from Wellesley, Hillary said:

“His offer of a place in the new institute was tempting,” she wrote in the end notes to the thesis, “but after spending a year trying to make sense out of his inconsistency, I need three years of legal rigor.” She enrolled at Yale that fall, a year ahead of a charming Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas.

“I agreed with some of Alinsky’s ideas,” she explained in “Living History,” her 2003 biography, “particularly the value of empowering people to help themselves. But we had a fundamental disagreement. He believed you could change the system only from the outside. I didn’t.”

– Bill Dedman, MSNBC

So now, would you conservative bloggers and self-proclaimed pundits please get off her case? I am sick and tired of seeing her lumped together with Obama as products of Alinsky’s teachings. She rejected him and his model.

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