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Hillary took to Twitter yesterday to celebrate Emily’s List and the women inspired to run for office.

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Hillary has been commenting on current events over the past few days.

She is also sharing recommended reading.


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Tonight I am praying for peace & safety for all in Baltimore, & for Freddie Gray’s family – his death is a tragedy that demands answers. -H

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On the road again!  Tweets marked [-H] are from Hillary.

Bon voyage, Mme Secretary!  Have a safe and successful trip.  We love you!

Road trip! Loaded the van & set off for IA. Met a great family when we stopped this afternoon. Many more to come. -H

Hillary isn’t the only one starting a new chapter. Watch:

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This account will be run by campaign staff from now on—but you’ll still see tweets from Hillary. They’ll be signed “-H.”


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Praying for ‘s family. Heartbreaking & too familiar. We can do better – rebuild trust, reform justice system, respect all lives.

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