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This was the last event listed on the book tour website. Don’t be discouraged. A small note at the bottom of the event page says “Additional Events and Signings will be Announced in the Coming Weeks.”

Alyse Kotyk, CTV Vancouver
Published Wednesday, December 13, 2017 12:11PM PST
Last Updated Wednesday, December 13, 2017 3:44PM PST

Speaking to a sold-out crowd at the Vancouver Convention Centre, former U.S. secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared her views on her country’s political landscape, particularly in light of Roy Moore’s recent defeat in Alabama.

“The combination of Roy Moore, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump proved to be too much for a lot of Alabama Republicans to stomach,” she said in Vancouver, B.C. on Wednesday. “I think that for me it was a very important turning point in basically holding President Trump and his most vitriolic, destructive advisors led by Steve Bannon accountable.”

Moore, a former judge, faced controversy leading up to the election as he was accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers when he was in his 30s. Ahead of Clinton’s talk, fans waiting outside said they hoped she would to take the opportunity to weigh in on the highly controversial candidate’s defeat.

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Well this is great! Linda Solomon Wood managed to transcribe as Hillary was speaking! Thank you, Linda!


Here’s what Hillary Clinton told Vancouver

December 13th 2017Linda Solomon Wood

Hi everyone,

I was at Hillary Clinton’s talk in Vancouver today and I typed almost as fast as she talked. Can she ever talk. 5,500 people showed up and I caught most of it. For readability, I’ve added subtitles, in my own words, and a few other things in parentheses for clarity. Okay, let’s get into it. It was a fascinating talk…

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The line wrapped around the block of Elliott Bay Book Company Tuesday as people waited to meet Hillary Clinton during her book tour stop in Seattle.

Clinton, the first female presidential candidate nominated by a major party, won the popular vote in Washington state during the election last year.

In the wake of her unexpected loss to Donald Trump, she took to writing her memoir, “What Happened.”

During her talk at the Paramount Theater Monday – sold out, with standing room only – she reflected on what she believes stopped her from becoming the first woman president. Many things not in her favor, she says, including FBI inference, uninspired voters, but most notably sexism.

“These days when people say to me, ‘How are you?’ I say, ‘Well, as a person, I’m OK. As an American, I’m really concerned,’” she said.

“The only way we will get sexism out of politics is to get more women into politics.”

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There had been arguments about whether the little pony, who is completely innocent in all of this, should be permitted at this one-man demonstration of … I don’t know… BernieHood? But Boot-Hat Guy received the permit and was there… in an allotted parking space.

Is  it that it is Hillary’s fault that everybody did not get a pony? Or is he a Hillary supporter, and this is satire of Bernie’s “everybody gets a pony.” In the article, the ponies are plural. Last I had seen, he had a permit for one pony in one parking space.

I’m confused!

State House Bureau
December 05. 2017 4:16PM

Vermin Supreme pays for parking ahead of the arrival of ponies across the street from a Hilary Clinton book signing in Concord Tuesday.


Hillary Clinton gets a laugh from Vermin Supreme, who was staging an event across the street from her book signing at Gibson’s in Concord on Tuesday.


CONCORD – More than 1,000 Hillary Clinton fans crowded the South Main Street sidewalk in front of Gibson’s bookstore Tuesday morning, in a line that snaked around the block and through the store.

They waited patiently in a soft winter rain, some for hours, to meet the former First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State and presidential nominee.

Tickets to the event were $30, which included admission to the book signing and a signed copy of “What Happened.” The book’s cover price is $30, although some large retailers have priced it as low as $17. Most people walked through the line with no book in hand to exchange greetings with Clinton and picked up their signed copy on the way out.

“We’ve got to keep fighting, don’t we,” she said to one fan, who expressed disappointment at the outcome of the 2016 presidential race.

After two presidential campaigns with her husband, and two on her own, Clinton has made many friends in New Hampshire over the years.

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I hope the little pony is well cared for by this Boot-Hat Guy.

We have a soft spot for New Hampshire.

By HOLLY RAMER, Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Hillary Clinton returned to New Hampshire for the first time since the 2016 election on Tuesday, basking in a warm welcome and brushing off a question about President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that rampant voter fraud led to her victory in the state.

About 1,000 people waited outside in light rain to meet the former Democratic presidential nominee and get a signed copy of her new book about her failed 2016 campaign, “What Happened.”

“I love coming to New Hampshire, and I love the friends that I’ve made over 25 years now. So any chance I have to come back, I am anxious to take it,” she said shortly after the signing got underway.

Clinton won New Hampshire’s four electoral votes, though Trump insists he lost the state only because “thousands” of people came by bus to vote against him. He also has created a commission to investigate allegations — offered without evidence — that millions of people voted illegally nationwide in 2016.

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Hillary Clinton is sequestered in a hotel room, giving a big television interview, when Mary Beard arrives at Claridge’s. While she waits outside on the sofa, though, it quickly becomes clear that the star of this conversation is the classicist. One by one, members of Clinton’s staff approach in reverent tones to declare her their heroine. Even a passing cameraman stops to pay court and say: “I love you!” Does this happen to Beard all the time? “Yes,” she laughs, “funnily enough, it does.”

Since the Cambridge professor began presenting TV programmes on the Romans nearly a decade ago, she has become world famous, as well as wildly popular for her robust refusal to stand for misogynistic online abuse. Trolls are publicly challenged; one was memorably shamed into taking Beard to lunch to apologise for calling her “a filthy old slut”. Her latest book, Women & Power: A Manifesto, brings an illuminating historical perspective to the contemporary abuse of powerful women. (Our meeting takes place in mid-October, before the #metoo revelations had begun to gather pace.)

Clinton is in London to talk about What Happened, her rivetingly candid if shell-shocked account of her defeat to Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election. As soon as she appears, it becomes very hard to believe she lost because voters found her cold. She greets Beard with a whoop of delight, exclaims, “This is fun!” does a very, very funny impersonation of Trump’s voice and, over the course of an hour, laughs a lot.

Once seated, the physical contrast between the two women is arresting. Clinton folds her hands carefully before her and confines her movements to slow nods of the head, while Beard gesticulates energetically as she talks, her whole upper body pitching and swaying. But the chemistry between them crackles, and Clinton conveys the impression of someone keen to see what she can learn from the academic.

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Published on Nov 28, 2017

Hillary Clinton appeared at the Boston Opera House Tuesday night to promote her new memoir. She touched on many topics including her failed run at the White House and President Trump. WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

BOSTON (CBS) – Hillary Clinton appeared at the Boston Opera House Tuesday night to promote her new memoir. She touched on many topics including her failed run at the White House and President Trump.

She was on friendly turf, surrounded by supporters promoting her new book about the election fittingly titled: “What Happened”.

Glimpses into her inner psyche were combined with anti-Trump jabs.

“When people ask me, ‘Well how are you doing?’ I say ‘As a person I’m OK, but as an American I’m pretty concerned!’” Clinton said.

“In the past I’ve often felt like I had to be careful in public, keep my guard up, well those days are over!”

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Hillary Clinton Opens Up at Boston Stop on Book Tour

Published at 12:42 AM EST on Nov 29, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s international book tour hit Boston Tuesday night.

“I’ve often felt like I had to be careful in public, to keep my guard up,” Clinton told the crowd at the Boston Opera House. “Well those days are over.”

Clinton opened up about the 2016 presidential election, calling it the first reality TV campaign.

“My opponent was the first reality TV candidate and I was the candidate of reality,” said Clinton. “And you know people were watching it like they were watching a train wreck.”

Clinton says it was a painful process to write her book “What Happened” in the wake of her defeat.

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A Warm Welcome In Boston For Hillary Clinton

Anthony BrooksTwitter

In a state that voted almost 2 to 1 for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and in a city that voted almost 6 to 1 for her, everyone seemed to embrace Clinton Tuesday night at the Boston Opera House.

Almost everyone. Five men stood outside the venue holding a Trump sign and chanting “lock her up!”

But inside, more than 2,500 people clapped, cheered and jumped to their feet numerous times for Clinton. A little more than a year ago, she expected a return to Boston as president. But instead, this was just the latest stop on her book tour, which she’s been on for the last two months.

“What Happened” is her account of why she failed to break through that highest glass ceiling.

“It was a perfect storm. There were deep currents of anger and resentment flowing through our culture,” she told the crowd.

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Hillary’s memoir of the 2016 election is #1 on Time Magazine‘s non-fiction list for 2017!  Well done, Mme. Secretary! It was a great read. We agree with Time.


1. What Happened, Hillary Clinton

Simon & Schuster

Clinton offers one answer to the question that rang collectively from more than half the country on Nov. 9, 2016. The writing is frank, reflective and a piece of modern history.

Read TIME’s interview with Hillary Clinton

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Winston Groat attended Hillary’s event in Atlanta this week and sent along this commentary, photos, and article. Thanks, Winston!

This week, Hillary appeared in Atlanta to speak about her book and our country’s future.  I attended the event along with 4,000 other like minded, energetic individuals.

I’ve never spent a more positive, uplifting and exhilarating evening!   The Fox Theatre roared with applause and energy throughout the night as she spoke.

The moderator used a question I submitted to close out the evening and say thank you for coming to Atlanta:
“May I give you a hug to thank you for your many years of service to our country and your continued leadership & inspiration”….

Hillary glowed as she waived goodbye to the crowd.

Winston Groat
Atlanta GA

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the Democratic wave in last week’s elections was a sign that the “fever is breaking and the tide is turning” after her stunning defeat by Republican Donald Trump.

Clinton said Monday that the Democratic victories in statewide elections in New Jersey and Virginia, along with down-ballot gains in Georgia and elsewhere, were a “resounding affirmation of America’s best values.”

“None of that would have happened if people got discouraged and decided to give up on politics last November,” she said during her stop in Atlanta as part of a 16-city nationwide book tour.

“You’ve got some important elections next year in Georgia,” she said. “Get involved in whatever way feels right for you. But don’t give up.”

The crowd of more than 4,000 welcomed Clinton with a roar of applause, and it cheered even louder when she said her days of being guarded about what she says in public “are over.”

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On the eve of the anniversary weekend in Little Rock, Bill and Hillary Clinton made a joint appearance in Irving, Texas where Hillary also held a book signing.

Former President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton Share Stage in Irving

Published at 11:11 PM CST on Nov 17, 2017 | Updated at 11:45 PM CST on Nov 17, 2017


When asked what they would tell Trump if he were seated next to them, Bill Clinton said Trump should, “stop seeking enemies and look for people to work with”

Former president Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared together onstage Friday for the first time since the 2016 presidential election to answer a host of political and personal questions.

The former First Couple was very casual during the hourlong discussion at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving.

They cracked a few jokes and were very candid on a number of topics — chief among them President Donald Trump, the 2016 election and the way forward for the Democratic Party.

When asked what they would tell Trump if he were seated next to them, Bill Clinton said Trump should, “stop seeking enemies and look for people to work with.”

“We’re the same age,” he added. “What do you want your legacy to be?”

Hillary Clinton said Trump, as president, should do more to unite the country. She also discussed some of her own missteps during the campaign.

“It was the first reality TV campaign. He was the first reality TV candidate and I was the candidate of reality. I was not as entertaining and I admit that,” she said.

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Hillary was at the Bellco Theatre at the Colorado Convention Center this evening.


Hillary Clinton speaks in Denver

John Leyba, The Denver Pos Hilary Clinton addresses the audience about her new book, “What Happened” on Nov. 16, 2017 at the Bellco Theatre at the Colorado Convention Center.

Jesse Paul

Hillary Clinton, in a Denver appearance Thursday night, called Colorado a “state that is really about the future,” urging Democrats — and women in particular — to keep up their activism and push back against the political polarization that dominated last year’s presidential election.

Clinton also raised a red flag about Russian interference in her contest against Donald Trump, saying it poses a “clear and present danger to Western Democracy.”

“This isn’t just about what happened. It’s about what’s happening right now,” she said while promoting her new book about the campaign, “What Happened.”

“Trump is playing right into (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s hands. This is shameful.”

The appearance at the Bellco Theatre at the Colorado Convention Center was the Democrat’s first public one in Colorado since losing the 2016 election to Trump. Clinton covered a range of issues, from the opioid epidemic to her grandchildren, in about an hour.

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Tickets are available!


VENUE UPDATE: The book signing has changed venues. It is now located at Butler Center Gallery, 401 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock, AR 72201. Books-A-Million invites you to attend Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book signing event featuring her extraordinary new book What Happened ($30.00 Simon & Schuster) at the Butler Center Gallery. Eventbrite tickets are required to attend this event.

Date and Time

Sat, Nov 18, 2017, 10:30 AM CST

Add to Calendar


Butler Center Gallery401 President Clinton Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72201

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