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Best Wishes to Chelsea and Marc!

From The New York Times:

At 7:23 p.m. came an announcement from the family via e-mail: Ms. Clinton was now married to Marc Mezvinsky.

“Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and their close friends,” the Clintons said in a statement. “We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family.”

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Oh, well … it is not Chelsea or any of the Clintons, but here we see guests departing the Beekman Arms Inn for the wedding.

Guests inside one of the buses.
The buses on their way!
The obligatory fake motorcade with fake Bill and Hillary. Stuff like this went on all weekend LOL!!!

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Yesterday,  while enjoying a brief respite from her hectic professional life as she, in the bosom of her family, prepared to see her only child wed, Hillary Clinton again showed us how to reach out to those less fortunate.  While attending to her daughter and family and guests, she remembered that not all families are so happily united.  The three hikers apprehended in Iran last year have been in detention one year today.   Despite all the last-minute  wedding details she had to attend to, our lovely Secretary of State released this thoughtful statement.  I am sure that this particular weekend she feels the pain of these families in an especially poignant way.

One Year of Detention

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 30, 2010

Tomorrow marks the year-long detention of three U.S. citizens, Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Joshua Fattal, for allegedly crossing into Iran during a hiking vacation in Iraqi Kurdistan. Their release by Iran is long overdue and their continued detention is unjustifiable.

Iran has long espoused to the world its commitment to justice, security and peace for all. We urge Iran to take action in the case of the three hikers – detained for a year in Evin Prison without charge – to match its stated commitments. We call on Iran to do the right thing and allow these three Americans to return home to their families.

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We’re American. We like redundancy. If you doubt me, look a your one dollar bill. Hillary Clinton is so awesome in this gown that I feel obliged to repeat some photos from earlier in order to share this gorgeous slideshow of the SOS and former POTUS attending a cocktail party in their honor at the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck NY this evening. I hope we can just get past how beautiful she is and elect her. It’s hard. But for the sake of the country, we should!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Here is the very lovely Mme. Secretary arriving at the Beekman Arms in for a cocktail party tonight on the arm of her handsome country squire, the former and very popular POTUS. The pictures speak for themselves.

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Now you all know how I feel and where I stand on the issue of rumor-mongering. This story could grow legs. If you go further into the story below, you will see that speculation that it will be the SOS who goes centers on the possibility that the White House might approve travel to Havana by a top-level State Department official.  That could as easily be Western Hemisphere Assistant Secretary (and social networker extraordinaire) Arturo Valenzuela.    If Mme. Secretary DOES go to Havana, I hope Valenzuela accompanies her since he tweets her trips so well

Hillary Clinton to Visit Cuba in Coming Weeks?

By Michael Miller, Fri., Jul. 30 2010 @ 6:17PM
Categories: La Habana
Photo via U.S. State Department website

Apparently, the Cold War is not what it used to be. First we find out that the no-longer-so-Soviet Union (aka Russia) still has spies in the U.S. but they are totally lame and shop at Costco. Now Cuba teams up with the Catholic Church and announces it will release as many as 75 political prisoners.

To top it all off, there are rumors that none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be headed to Cuba in the next week or two to push for the release of Alan Gross, an American citizen arrested for purportedly handing out $5,000 satellite phones like they were Halloween candies.

IF she goes,  and that is a BIG IF, it will be a very big deal indeed.  Certainly such a high-level visit will entail discussion of sanctions.  The nature of the visit, if indeed it is Mme. Secretary who goes,  I predict will resemble the reception Fidel gave to my beloved JPII.  There will be gratefulness that such a high-level official finally arrives from the U.S.A   There will be children.  They know Hillary loves children.  There will be singing and dancing (and I have GOT to give Mme. Secretary a few quick salsa lessons – it’s all in the hips, Hillary).  Of course the target is the release of Alan Gross.  I do believe that if Hillary Clinton were to go to Havana, it would be a huge, wonderful party which  would end with her boarding her Big Blue Plane with Gross and other released prisoners, and perhaps, relaxation of the tensions between two neighboring countries whose reasons for estrangement are not what they were 40 years ago.  Up in heaven, I can hear Celia Cruz shouting, “Azucar!”  And the sound is sweet.

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As you know, I have been making an effort not to post about the upcoming wedding except as the story involves MOTB/SOS Clinton.  So I was enjoying a bit of a break from furiously trying to get items from the State Department posted today.  There were releases, but except for her schedule, they did not pertain to Mme. Secretary.  I had even been so bold as to mentally design  little vacation for her once the big wedding weekend was behind her.  As I type this, the wedding party and other principle players are here on the Hudson in this beautiful setting.

This is Rondout Light on the mighty and beautiful Hudson River that my family and I have been sailing for almost 400 years.  If you turn left at that lighthouse,  you enter an adorable, quaint inlet that takes you to Kingston, N.Y.  It is lovely.  Across from the lighthouse, on the hill you can see the two tents that have been erected for tomorrow’s festivities.  The gathering has begun, and the speculation and chatter are reaching fever pitch.

So there I was,  mental anchor down in front of the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office near the lighthouse looking across at Rhinebeck, in Dutchess County where all the excitement is beginning to play out.  I was thinking how nice it has been that,  even though we are not seeing  our lovely SOS the MOTB,  she is getting this break from the frenzy of her work.  Under the fair sky, there on the deck of my boat, I speculated (not about the wedding, mind you) that she might take a few days while I lazily checked my email.  Reality just came in and hit me right between the eyes in the form of this.  The emphasis is mine.

Department of State Hosts 2010 AGOA Forum on U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Secretary Clinton to Address AGOA Forum

Washington, DC
July 30, 2010

The ninth U.S.-Sub Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum, also known as the Africa Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), will take place on August 2-3 at the Department of State in Washington, D.C., and August 4-6 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Secretary Clinton will deliver remarks at the forum on August 3 at the Ronald Reagan Building. The remarks will be open to credentialed members of the media. More details will be forthcoming in the public schedule.

The AGOA Forum will bring together more than 600 participants, including senior U.S. and African officials, as well as U.S. and African members of the private sector and civil society. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and USAID Administrator Raj Shah will also participate in forum events.

This year’s forum theme, “AGOA at 10: New Strategies for a Changing World,” will focus on the linkages between private investment and economic growth in Africa and highlight ways in which African countries can best take advantage of trade opportunities under AGOA.

In conjunction with the AGOA meetings, the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) is taking place in Washington, D.C., July 26 – August 3, and Kansas City, Missouri, August 4 – 6. AWEP brings together women from AGOA-eligible countries to participate in a plenary session entitled “Integrating Africa’s Women into the Global Economy.” AWEP works to empower African women entrepreneurs to become part of their national and global business network by increasing opportunities for women to use the AGOA program, and expanding opportunities for exports and U.S. investment in sub-Saharan Africa.

AGOA represents a progressive U.S. trade and investment policy toward the continent that is reducing barriers to trade, increasing diversified exports, creating jobs and expanding opportunities for Africans. Specifically, AGOA provides trade preferences to designated countries that are making progress in economic and political reforms. There are currently 38 Sub-Saharan African countries that can take advantage of the trade benefits.

As Ian and Sylvia said, so much for dreaming!  I had hoped her country squire would whip her off for a second honeymoon, but our little Turbo-SOS will be back full-throttle at her job when the weekend is over.  Forgive me for using these Tuesday pictures so much.  They are the last ones available from this week, and I think she looks beautiful in them.

You can record your wedding wishes to Chelsea and Marc at the Team Hillary Clinton Special Wedding Edition!!!!

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As you know:

Daily Appointments Schedule for July 30, 2010

Washington, DC
July 30, 2010


Secretary Clinton has no public events.

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She may have flown home to NY Monday (and I DO think of NY as her home) to be with her only child as she prepares for her wedding, but those of us who follow the SOS know that neither time nor place prevent her from working. If you thought her attention to and attendance at Chelsea’s wedding preps excused her from the National Security Team meeting in the Situation Room today, think again. She did not excuse herself. She never does. ⇐ (The reason I so often feel the urge to write notes for her and sign them “Dorothy Rodham,” but Hillary would rip them up!)

Obama Meets with Advisers on Afghanistan, Pakistan

Dan Robinson | White House29 July 2010

President Barack Obama (July 27, 2010 file photo)

President Barack Obama met on Thursday with his national security team to discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The 7th such regular meeting on the subject came as the government pressed ahead with an investigation into the leak of tens of thousands of classified documents about the war in Afghanistan.

Taking part in the meeting in the White House Situation Room, either in person or by video link, were some 22 civilian and military officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Vice President Joe Biden and CIA Director Leon Panetta.

Yes, yes, yes.  Born on Honest Abe’s Birthday, I cannot fib.  I cut his picture out.  And the emphasis is mine.  To please your eyes, here is the SOS who attended the meeting in her own techie, travel-sized way.

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OK! I have some ‘splaining to do since I had said I would not be spotlighting this wedding since it is about Chelsea and Marc. As it happens, it is also about our lovely, intrepid, and, right now, nervous but excited, SOS and her attractive, charismatic country squire,  the ex-POTUS. So with this disclaimer in place, I offer the following.

A couple of articles today contrasted the wedding of Bill and Hillary Clinton 35 years ago with the wedding they have planned for their only child this Saturday. Bill and Hillary, like many of us who married in those days, had a simple wedding with a home reception. I married two days before Christmas and wanted to wear my trusty peacoat, but my mom was having none of that and packed me off to the department store where I bought a belted kelly green coat that I never wore again.  Our reception was held at the humble home of my parents.  Like Bill and Hillary, we did not depart on a honeymoon.  We went home – to his,  and also now my,  apartment.  My sister’s wedding was a replica of mine,  but they did go to Bermuda afterwards.

Early this morning, my dear friend, who goes here by the handle Pcfs, shared today’s NYT Op-Ed, The Kids Are All Right by Gail Collins, which is lovely, touching, and charming. I had just seen Jenna Bush Hager on the Today Show with sweet wishes for Chelsea. It is true! The kids are all right.

The article below also contrasts the two weddings.


Related To Story

Chelsea Clinton

Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images

Chelsea And Hillary: A Tale Of Two Weddings

Multimillion-Dollar Affair A Stark Contrast To 1975 Nuptials

POSTED: 6:49 am PDT July 29, 2010
UPDATED: 8:53 am PDT July 29, 2010

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Chelsea Clinton’s multimillion-dollar wedding in New York state this weekend is a stark contract to her parents’ nuptials, which took place in their living room before eight guests.Former President Bill Clinton married Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in their Fayetteville home more than 30 years ago, Fort Smith TV station KHBS reported.


Much is being made of the cost. But the Clintons are not asking the public to cover anything.  They are covering the cost of the extra security, along with the regular wedding stuff.  And who would begrudge them this vicarious participation in an all-out wedding the likes of which they, in their salad days did not afford themselves?  Only a real Grinch!  Given their unswerving patriotism and selfless service to this country and to humanity, they more than deserve this gift to their little girl and her intended as well as to themselves because once the nuptials are over, and dad dances with his little girl,  Bill Clinton certainly deserves to take his beautiful, accomplished, sweet bride in his arms and waltz her to the stars, finally, at a REAL wedding reception!

The weather forecast is perfect.  All the best to Chelsea and Marc, as well as to our handsome Mr. President and his (and our)  most exquisite Mme. Secretary.

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