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Statement from President Clinton and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of Tom Hayden

Hillary and I were saddened to learn of the death of Tom Hayden. His eventful life in pursuit of peace and justice ran the gamut from protesting to legislating, with lots of writing and teaching along the way. Attacked first by the right as a dangerous radical, then by the left for his willingness to compromise, Tom always marched to the beat of his own drummer, doing what he thought at any given time would advance his lifelong goals. Hillary and I knew him for more than thirty years and valued both his words of support and his criticism. His intelligence, intensity, and willingness to put himself on the line was uniquely American. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Barbara and his children.


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Paraphrasing JFK, Bill Clinton introduced himself as, “the man who accompanied Hillary Clinton to Iowa.”   It was his fourth appearance at the Tom Harkin Steak Fry where, Harkin noted, a steak has never been fried.  WJC said that the gingham shirt he was wearing, very trendy right now, was his birthday gift from Hillary.  She, in turn, on her first visit to Iowa since 2007, told the audience that Bill calls the steak fry “the stir fry,” and warned that she is on “grandma alert” in case they happened to see the two Clintons suddenly run off stage.

For his part, Tom Harkin, saying that after 40 years it was time to step aside,  introduced his family: daughters Amy with son-in-law and grandchildren,  and Jenny with his “granddog” Ollie who received a little grandfatherly stroke under the chin.  Retiring from the Senate and speaking at the last of these annual events,  he said he and wife Ruth are looking forward to being back home in Iowa.  People in the audience held signs thanking him for his years of service.

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We all join Hillary in wishing Bill Clinton a very Happy Birthday!




A very Happy Birthday to my very wonderful husband today.

With Congress in recess and President Clinton’s birthday coming up on August 19, House of Cards’ Frank Underwood has found a new way to make mischief.

Watch as he tries to involve Secretary Clinton in his schemes and join them in wishing President Clinton a happy birthday.

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This needs no explanation.


I’m following my leader!

Just in case you don’t tweet, live under a rock, or somehow misplaced your Clinton Decoder Pin, here is The Leader and her reply.


Well, that explains what happened to my iPad! RT : I’m following my leader!

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Mark the date!

Hillary Clinton       Live at 9pm (ET), January 27


Hillary Clinton

William Clinton
Soon my staff became known around the White House as ‘Hillaryland.’ We were fully immersed in the daily operations of the West Wing, but we were also our own little subculture within the White House. My staff prided themselves on discretion, loyalty and camaraderie, and we had our own special ethos. While the West Wing had a tendency to leak, Hillaryland never did.

Born – October 26, 1947 in Park Ridge, Illinois

Parents – Hugh Ellsworth Rodham & Dorothy Howell

Married – October 11, 1975 to William Jefferson Clinton

Children – Chelsea Victoria (1980 – present)
Education – Bachelor of Arts degree at Wellesley College in 1969; J.D. at Yale Law School in 1973

Occupation – Lawyer, political activist

Firsts – 1st First Lady to host a webcast from the White House. 1st First Lady elected to a public office. 1st First Lady to be a “de facto” federal official. 1st First Lady to have an office in West Wing.

Post White House residence – Washington, D.C.

Other offices – First Lady of Arkansas 1983 – 1992. U.S. Senator of New York 2001 – 2009. Secretary of State 2009 – 2013.

Click here to see full bio of Hillary Clinton

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Here is a preview.

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August is the month that finds Hillary Clinton in the Hamptons  at least for part of the month.  Bill Clinton has routinely rented a mansion in East Hampton for a few weeks of the past several summers and has celebrated his birthday there.   Last year, Hillary had an especially abbreviated 10-day stay sandwiched between an extended farewell tour of Africa and a trip to the Pacific starting with the tiny Cook Islands.

According to Maggie Haberman at Politico, there is an invitation circulating indicating that once again the Clintons are planning some R & R in the Hamptons this summer.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton to host ritzy foundation fundraiser


Bill and Hillary Clinton will co-host a high-dollar event next month in a tony Long Island enclave to benefit their family foundation, according to an invitation that started circulating last week.

The event is being billed as a “very special dinner with President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton” on Aug. 23 in Bridgehampton, at $5,000 a head.

Co-chairing the event costs $25,000 and chairing it carries a $50,000 price tag.“All proceeds will support the life-changing work of the newly renamed Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation – improving global health, strengthening economies, promoting health and wellness, and protecting the environment by fostering innovative partnerships among businesses, governments, NGOs, and private citizens,” the invitation reads.

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Back at the end of January, when Ed Koch passed away,  I went to the Clinton Foundation website multiple times in search of a press statement and found none.  By the next week,  WJC was speaking at the funeral,  and I searched no further.  Visiting there again today, suddenly there was this.  Better late than never.  I thought you would like to see the Clinton’s joint statement on the passing of their friend.

Statement by President and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of Mayor Ed Koch

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our friend, Ed Koch. He was a man whose convictions ran deep.  You knew where Ed stood on any topic, and whether or not you agreed with him or what he said, you couldn’t help but like him.

His personality was enormous, big enough for the city he called home for nearly his entire life. Ed stood up for the underprivileged and underrepresented in every corner of every borough because he knew that struggle firsthand. He fought for those without a voice because he knew the plight of the voiceless. He used all the tools at his disposal to pull New York out of one of its darkest times.

The son of Polish immigrants is now forever in the city he loved so much. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and all those who benefited from his life and service.


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