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The Hill published Hillary’s endorsements in the gubernatorial races.

Hillary Clinton issues endorsements in key governor races

Hillary Clinton issues endorsements in key governor races
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Hillary Clinton Monday urged her supporters to vote for a number of Democratic gubernatorial candidates campaigning in states currently run by Republican governors.

In her announcement, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee touted the importance of securing offices at the state level during this year’s midterms and highlighted five gubernatorial contenders she’s backing.

“Governors set the tone and direction for their states,” Clinton tweeted. “They’re also our last line of defense against some of the Trump administration’s worst policies.”

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Run for Something shared this list of endorsements from Hillary. Handy reference.

Hillary Rodham Clinton endorses 19 RFS candidates

As early voting locations open across the country, Onward Together announces Secretary Clinton’s endorsement of 19 state and local candidates in the Run for Something program.

These candidates were selected for their inspiring commitments to improving their communities and bringing diversity and compassion to local office. Collectively, they have knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors and connected with voters who share our progressive values.

“Our candidates represent the change our country needs right now — thoughtful, compassionate, community-based leadership,” said Amanda Litman, co founder of Run for Something. “Their stories serve as inspiration for all of us to get out and make a difference.

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In 2018, an unprecedented number of women are running for office — 476 women in primary elections and 256 in House and Senate races in the general election coming in just eight days.

With the chaos of the Trump administration, it’s easy to see what is motivating so many incredible women to step off the sidelines and run for public office. From economic inequality to protecting the Affordable Care Act to fighting for common sense gun safety, women are leading the charge to restore the balance of power in our country by speaking for the people of their communities.

But in order to turn these historic races into historic victories, these women need our help now. The strong and talented women below are already leaders in their communities. Give $10.48 right now now to help turn them from leaders into senators and representatives.

Lauren Underwood (IL-14)
Lauren Underwood is a registered nurse with hands-on experience in our health care system, and an experienced leader who has dedicated her career to expanding all Americans’ access to quality, affordable care. Lauren is dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for all Illinoisans and to creating good-paying jobs so that hardworking families and their communities can thrive. As someone with a pre-existing condition, Lauren knows firsthand what’s at stake as we defend the progress we’ve worked so hard to make in expanding access to quality, affordable health care. Illinois’ 14th District has never before been represented by a woman or an African American in Congress, and Lauren has what it takes to win and make history.

Jahana Hayes (CT-05)
Jahana Hayes is a teacher and community leader running for Congress to fight for working families in Connecticut. Jahana is running to expand economic opportunity and help create good-paying jobs for hardworking Nutmeggers. She has personally experienced the power of public education, and she is a strong advocate for expanding access to educational opportunity to help families and communities thrive. At a time when Republicans in Congress are desperate to undo all the progress we’ve worked so hard to make, Jahana is a fierce advocate for expanding access to quality health care. Jahana has what it takes to win and deliver this must-win seat for Democrats to take back the House in November. There are currently no people of color in New England’s congressional delegation, and Jahana is poised to change that.

Tina Smith (MN-Sen)
Tina Smith is a champion for Minnesota working families running for the United States Senate to continue fighting for economic opportunity and fairness. She was appointed to this seat because she was ready to lead from day one, and she is working tirelessly to tackle the toughest problems facing hardworking Minnesotans. Holding this seat is a critical step on the road to winning back the majority, and Republicans — emboldened by Trump’s strong performance in Minnesota in 2016 — are going to do everything in their power to defeat this champion for working families.

Your donation will be split among these three incredible candidates. Can you chip in right now to help get out the vote for Lauren, Jahana, and Tina in the final crucial days of the midterms?




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Correction of a misunderstanding by Nick Merrill.


On the latest episode of Recode Decode, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke with Recode’s Kara Swisher in front of a sold-out crowd at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

Reflecting on the reasons for her loss in the 2016 presidential race, Clinton bashed Facebook’s executives and offered her support for the “internet bill of rights” drafted by Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna. But the conversation also delved into a range of other topics, including the security of the 2018 midterms; the #MeToo movement, Christine Blasey-Ford and Clinton’s recent comments about Monica Lewinsky; and why she’s concerned about China’s current lead in artificial intelligence.

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Sparkling on her birthday!

Hillary Rodham Clinton In Conversation With Kara Swisher

Hillary Clinton Former First Lady of the United States/United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton poses for a photos at “In Conversation With Kara Swisher” at 92nd Street Y on October 26, 2018 in New York City. (Oct. 25, 2018 – Source: Mike Coppola/Getty Ima

Hillary Rodham Clinton In Conversation With Kara Swisher

Hillary Clinton, Kara Swisher Technology business journalist Kara Swisher (L) and Former First Lady of the United States/United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pose for a photos at “In Conversation With Kara Swisher” at 92nd Street Y on October 26, 2018 in New York City.

Hillary Rodham Clinton In Conversation With Kara SwisherHillary Rodham Clinton In Conversation With Kara Swisher

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Dear Hillary Clinton,

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful, healthy, and safe year ahead!

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Despite a serious attempt on her life, Hillary stood by an old pal today in Florida.


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You may have heard by now of multiple devices, likely related/similar to that sent to George Soros, that were discovered near the Clintons’ house and Obama’s office. October surprise?

Here is the Secret Service statement.


I agree with Philippe. It is also on all the morons who circulated Hillary’s home address online. I know that it is “findable,” however advertising it made it so much easier to access.

It is not clear what “in the vicinity” means. (Probably for the best.) According to the statement this was a routine screening.

CNN also targeted.


‘Potential Explosive Devices’ Sent to Obama, the Clintons, and CNN

Senior law-enforcement officials confirmed the bomb scares, including a ‘pipe with wires’ mailed to CNN‘s headquarters in New York.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

U.S Secret Service agents intercepted potential explosive devices on Wednesday that were addressed to president Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the agency confirmed.

As federal agents investigated the packages, authorities in New York dispatched bomb squads to the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan, home to CNN’s headquarters, where the building was being evacuated. Senior law-enforcement officials confirmed to The Daily Beast that a suspicious device—described as a “pipe with wires”—was found in the mailroom.

A suspicious package addressed to to the Clinton’s suburban home in New York late Tuesday night and a separate parcel addressed to the Obama’s residence in Washington, D.C., were both intercepted Wednesday morning at designated checkpoints, authorities confirmed.

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