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There is no text to accompany these photos, but we all have been eager to see the new French officials with whom our girl will be interacting in the months to come.  We see her here at Blair House with French President Francois Hollande, her new counterpart, French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius,  and French Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade Minister Pierre Moscovici.

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It may be my imagination, and I do not feel like tracking down the prior post, but it seems to me that this is the second consecutive bilateral Hillary has held with Bibi wherein there were no public statements, only a photo op. Perhaps there will be a statement later. If there is a video with it, I will post it separately, if no video, I will post it here. These are the pics of the day. I have waited patiently for more than pics, but it is not fair to torture readers with nothing. So, here, for your viewing pleasure, is our Secretary of State with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at Blair House today.  I always laugh at how Reuters, AP, and other photo sources identify her by position. Here’s my ID:  She’s the pretty one!

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