Hillary Clinton’s Brilliant Op-Ed in The Atlantic

In her signature style, Hillary breaks down Trump era attacks on and failures of the system in language anyone can understand. She offers a clear line of defense and suggests a path forward. It is a must-read. Take a few minutes to hear her out.

American Democracy Is in Crisis

Our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back.

Our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

It’s been nearly two years since Donald Trump won enough Electoral College votes to become president of the United States. On the day after, in my concession speech, I said, “We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.” I hoped that my fears for our future were overblown.

They were not.

In the roughly 21 months since he took the oath of office, Trump has sunk far below the already-low bar he set for himself in his ugly campaign. Exhibit A is the unspeakable cruelty that his administration has inflicted on undocumented families arriving at the border, including separating children, some as young as eight months, from their parents. According to The New York Times, the administration continues to detain 12,800 children right now, despite all the outcry and court orders. Then there’s the president’s monstrous neglect of Puerto Rico: After Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, his administration barely responded. Some 3,000 Americans died. Now Trump flatly denies those deaths were caused by the storm. And, of course, despite the recent indictments of several Russian military intelligence officers for hacking the Democratic National Committee in 2016, he continues to dismiss a serious attack on our country by a foreign power as a “hoax.”

Trump and his cronies do so many despicable things that it can be hard to keep track. I think that may be the point—to confound us, so it’s harder to keep our eye on the ball. The ball, of course, is protecting American democracy. As citizens, that’s our most important charge. And right now, our democracy is in crisis.

I don’t use the word crisis lightly. There are no tanks in the streets. The administration’s malevolence may be constrained on some fronts—for now—by its incompetence. But our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back. There’s not a moment to lose.

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  1. I bookmarked it last night and read it first thing this morning. Apparently, it’s from the afterword of the new paperback edition of “What Happened”. Well reasoned and rigorously argued, it reminds us once again of what was lost when HRC was denied the presidency. We will live with the horrific ramifications of this tragedy for decades, if we survive as a free people at all. As she asserts, we are the only ones who can save us. There is much work to be done. And Cassandra is still warning us.

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    • Hillary is always straightforward – direct. I saw the FSB/GRU sock puppet who feigns Hillary support ‘summarize’ this on Facebook this morning raising the question of why this succinct piece required summary. The ‘summary’ was longer than the article – a convoluted, incohesive, incoherent mess of gobbledygook. People still follow and read this nonsense. Apparently some trolls or bots also share it. The followers and friends never seem to ask the essential question: Why not simply share the link to the actual article since their combined (I am convinced this is a team) linguistic skills succeed only in confusing the issues …? Unless that’s the point. Chaos. They translated this brilliant article into chaos. Another good question might be why did this sock puppet change its name completely a few weeks ago?


  2. On the subject of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, many people owe Dianne Feinstein an apology. Yesterday on AM Joy, both Joy and Zerlina Maxwell were dragging Feinstein for not sharing the accuser’s story with her Dem colleagues on the Judiciary committee. Although I love Joy’ s show and admire both her and Ms. Maxwell, I was furious with both of them. I don’t know what part of confidential people did not understand. Just as the Republicans were covering this up, far too many Democrats were eager to weaponize this accusation, not only against Kavanaugh but against Feinstein.

    I admire Professor Ford’s courageous decision to go on the record knowing what she would face. But I deeply regret that her decision was not entirely her own after being “outed” in the media by people who clearly do not hold her best interests as a priority. On the other hand Sen. Feinstein has shown that there are still honorable people in politics.

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  3. Every time Hillary speaks out or writes an article such as this one, I go back to that day when the Russian’s stole the electoral votes in order to place trump in the WH. Clearly, they couldn’t get away with stealing millions of votes on his behalf without be detected (since Hillary beat him by almost 3 million in the popular vote) but they could easily shave off 70,000 in 3 states.to ensure the electoral.

    Has anyone noticed that neither sanders nor any of those who ran against her or before her for the presidency have never been as involved or engaged in the political landscape as she has. The men still pale in comparison to this extraordinary woman.

    She warned us what was happening with the Russians during the election, but nobody listened, particularly the media, except for her supporters. What was lost in the 2016 presidential election is almost too much to bear.

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  4. […] Happened, and upon the release of the paperback edition with a new afterword (also published in The Atlantic), Hillary addressed, among other topics, the Kavanaugh confirmation logjam, the Special Counsel […]


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