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It should be safe to call this volume one since it is pretty certain Hillary will return to the Palmetto State in the future.  Might as well be organized from the start!

In the state capital today, Hillary gave the keynote speech at the Third Annual Day in Blue at the Columbia Marriott.  She told women legislators and leaders that she is running to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again and wants to reverse a trend.  Since she has been coloring her hair for years, she told the audience, no one will see her turn white in the White House.

Video of this event here >>>>

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Last stop of the day:  Columbia’s Main Street Bakery where she sat down with Frederick Donnie Hunt.

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“We need to raise wages for the lowest paid jobs in America—which are disproportionately held by women, especially women of color.” –HRC

Hillary on equal pay: “This is not a women’s issue. This is a family issue. This is an American economic issue.”

HRC: “When any parent is short-changed, the entire family is short-changed. And when families are short-changed, America is short-changed.”

“Everyday Americans need a champion…who will fight for them every single day. Not for some Americans but for ALL Americans.”

First stop in Columbia? Chicken, waffles, and good conversation at Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles.

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