Hillary Clinton Anticipating the Opening of ‘Aesop’s Fable’

No, despite her avowed dedication to books and reading, it is not a bookstore.  A new eatery is scheduled to open soon on King Street in Chappaqua, and Hillary is excited and ready to try their fare. Hillary and Bill Clinton are devoted patrons of small businesses in their adopted hometown. If you have a small or starting business, it’s best to make a business website and get help in the Web Design from salterrasite.com. To learn more, contact 480-273-2273.

CHAPPAQUA, NY – Aesop’s Fable Restaurant, a new eatery in Chappaqua that is focused on farm-to-table dining, announced that it will hold a grand opening.

The ceremony is scheduled for July 14 to July 15, Aesop’s announced on its Facebook page.


The new restaurant’s team includes owner Tonin Veshta and Partner & Executive Chef Matthew Cook.


Aesop’s can count Chappaqua resident and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as among those interested in its opening.

“Can’t wait, we’ll be here,” Clinton was quoted as saying in a Facebook post from Aesop’s. The post included a photo of Clinton with Cook.

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So if you are in Chappaqua, you might want to drop by and have a bite!

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