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You may have heard by now of multiple devices, likely related/similar to that sent to George Soros, that were discovered near the Clintons’ house and Obama’s office. October surprise?

Here is the Secret Service statement.


I agree with Philippe. It is also on all the morons who circulated Hillary’s home address online. I know that it is “findable,” however advertising it made it so much easier to access.

It is not clear what “in the vicinity” means. (Probably for the best.) According to the statement this was a routine screening.

CNN also targeted.


‘Potential Explosive Devices’ Sent to Obama, the Clintons, and CNN

Senior law-enforcement officials confirmed the bomb scares, including a ‘pipe with wires’ mailed to CNN‘s headquarters in New York.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

U.S Secret Service agents intercepted potential explosive devices on Wednesday that were addressed to president Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the agency confirmed.

As federal agents investigated the packages, authorities in New York dispatched bomb squads to the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan, home to CNN’s headquarters, where the building was being evacuated. Senior law-enforcement officials confirmed to The Daily Beast that a suspicious device—described as a “pipe with wires”—was found in the mailroom.

A suspicious package addressed to to the Clinton’s suburban home in New York late Tuesday night and a separate parcel addressed to the Obama’s residence in Washington, D.C., were both intercepted Wednesday morning at designated checkpoints, authorities confirmed.

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