Chelsea Clinton is a Woman of the Year because… “She believes there are solutions to the world’s most complex problems—and she’s not stopping until we solve them. She’s dedicated and she’s dogged, and the world is going to be a much better place when she’s done with it.”
Matt Damon, actor and cofounder of


HER WORDS TO LIVE BY: “Know that we have more in common across the world than we have differences. Mother’s love is universal. The instinct to try to give your child a better life than you have had—it’s universal. And I think it’s largely driven by mothers.” —Chelsea Clinton, photographed at Columbia University in New York City

Let’s forget the last name for a moment and focus on the résumé: four degrees (Stanford, Columbia, and two from Oxford), respected turns as a consultant and on Wall Street, and a reputation as the hardest-working person in the room. With her latest gig, she is tackling one of the most formidable problems of our time: the global inequality of women and girls. And for much of the past year, she did it wearing maternity pants.

Take all of that into consideration, and Chelsea Clinton’s family history becomes one of the least impressive things about her. Yes, the 34-year-old is the daughter of former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton. And yes, she is now the mother of Charlotte (“the most beautiful, smartest five-day-old you’ll ever meet,” bragged her grandmother after her birth). But most important, Clinton is a woman who believes the universe has room for improvement. “I’ve always had a sense of optimism that the world really can get better,” she says, and she has dedicated this next stage of her life to making that happen.

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