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On the eighth anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s suspension speech, voters in New Jersey and five western states, including the behemoth, California, will go to the polls.  Given her weekend territorial victories, Hillary is certain to clinch in New Jersey before the western polls close.

Some points to remember:

  1. Every victory above and beyond NJ ensures more delegates for Hillary. So if you are in MT, ND, SD, NM, and CA please vote even if you have heard that she has clinched and even if there are lines. What we learned last night is that the lines in Puerto Rico were due to the Sanders campaign asking to have polling places closed due to a lack of volunteers to monitor the original number of polling locations.  Voters were reassigned to new polling locations causing overloads. If this happens where you are, please stay the course and cast your vote.
  2. Some are saying that undeclared special delegates (Super Ds) may rush to declare perhaps today.  John King at CNN has said that it is unlikely that they will do that before Tuesday so that the voters can bring Hillary over the hump rather than the Super Ds.
  3. It is also important to remember that the target total of delegates, 2383, includes Super Ds.  So when the Sanders campaign posits that she has not reached that number in pledged delegates, it is not pledged delegates alone that comprise that target.
  4. All ballots are not created equal. Access your sample ballot, if it has not been sent to you, via your local board of elections and study it before you go.

Here is a scan of the NJ ballot in my district.  Notice that it is not necessary for Democratic voters to vote separately for the delegates (as it is for Republican voters). Be sure that if you must vote separately for the delegates, you do so. Finally, make sure to vote all the way across for the down-ticket candidates on your ballot.

NJ-Primary-ballot-02 NJ-Primary-ballot-03


Let’s all do a bang-up job for Hillary tomorrow and bring home a huge delegate count for Hillary.  The more delegates she has, the stronger she is for all of us.

Here are a few things you can do even as late as today to help out: donate, volunteer to canvass and to make calls.



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