Like September, October was a month of whirlwind activity with appearances, interviews, and book signings.

Thinking Cap is the podcast of the Center for American Progress. Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with co-hosts Michele Jawando and Igor Volsky to discuss the massacre in Las Vegas, weapons proliferation, and the response to hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

She spoke on those same topics to a sold-out Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale.

She dropped by for a visit with Jimmy Fallon, the Tonight Show women writers, and Miley Cyrus.

While in Europe, Hillary appeared on Dutch TV.


On the 7th she spoke at Stanford on the topic of cyber warfare.

Hillary Clinton speaking at podium

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She gave an interview to Parents Magazine.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds her children's book "It takes a Village"

She appeared on Australian TV and spoke at UC Davis on a broad range of issues including the California wildfires which she linked to climate change.


Onward together endorsed Emerge America.

In Wales, she was doubly honored by Swansea University which conferred upon her an Honorary Doctorate of Law and forthwith renamed its law school The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

Hillary Clinton Receives An Honorary Doctorate From Swansea University

Hillary Clinton Receives An Honorary Doctorate From Swansea University

Hillary Clinton Receives An Honorary Doctorate From Swansea University

Hillary Clinton Receives An Honorary Doctorate From Swansea University

Hillary Clinton Receives An Honorary Doctorate From Swansea University

Hillary stopped by for a chat with Fareed Zakaria and spoke at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Hillary Clinton is interviewed by Mariella Frostrup

Touring in the UK she slipped and broke her toe

, but, boot notwithstanding, she made it to her appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

hillary clinton

Mid-month, Trump baited her by begging her to run again. She refused the bait. IMO She does not owe us anything!

She gave an interview to The Economist.

On the 24th she took a trip above the border for an appearance in Montreal. Then she looped down to Ann Arbor for an event there.

She celebrated her birthday, the Big 7-0, being honored by the Women’s Media Center with their one and only “Wonder Woman Award.”

The International Women’s Forum & Leadership Foundation inducted Hillary Clinton into their Hall of Fame two days later in Houston.

She spoke at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.

Her private birthday party was at Estela.

She was in Winnetka for a book signing.

Hillary ended her birth month with the honor of receiving, from Roosevelt University, the inaugural Eleanor Roosevelt Social Justice Award.

Patricia Harris and Hillary Clinton

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The Clintons were back on the Great White Way again last night! The Band’s Visit is a charming, feel-good story that is exactly what we need right now about an Egyptian police band accidentally stranded in an Israeli desert town. Tony Shaloub stars.

Hillary Clinton & Hubby Bill Check Out Performance of Broadway’s ‘The Band’s Visit’! 

Hillary Clinton & Hubby Bill Check Out Performance of Broadway's 'The Band's Visit'!

Broadway got a visit from some special guests last night (December 27)!

Hillary and Bill Clinton had themselves a night out with daughter Chelsea Clinton to check out a performance of the hit Broadway musical The Band’s Visit held at The Barrymore Theatre in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hillary Clinton

Following the performance, Hillary and Bill made their way backstage to meet with the stars of the musical Tony Shalhoub and Katina Lenk, as well as the rest of the cast.

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A cast member, Ari’el Stachel, shared some photos on Instagram>>>>


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and Marc Mezvinsky pose with the cast backstage at the hit musical 'The Band's Visit' on Broadway at The Barrymore Theatre on December 27, 2017 in New York City.

September was launch month for Hillary’s memoir, and, right off the bat, excerpts started showing up.

She endorsed Verrit and stood up for Dreamers. Announcements of upcoming interviews began pouring in. In the wake of hurricanes, Bill Clinton joined the other four living ex-presidents for the ‘One America’ appeal.

On the 7th, Hillary’s interview with Time Magazine appeared.

Onward Together endorsed ‘Run for Something.’ Hillary made an appearance with Jane Pauley on ‘Sunday Morning.’ She also published an op-ed in Vogue.

She was interviewed by Refinery 29, sent pizza to the folks waiting on the bookstore line for her first book signing, and launched What Happened the next day.

Coinciding with the launch of her book was the overhaul of her website.

She appeared on The View and on AC360 with Anderson Cooper.

She was featured in The New Yorker‘s cover story.

She went one-on-one with Rachel Maddow.

And she dropped in on The Today Show and PBS News Hour.

On the 15th, Hillary spoke at Edie Windsor’s funeral.

There was a book signing in Connecticut.

She was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR, and she visited Stephen Colbert.

Onward Together endorsed The Color of Change.

Hillary was interviewed by MicMedia, and sat down for a one-on-one with Joy Reid at Crabtree’s Kittle House.

On the 24th, Hillary brought the book tour home to Chappaqua.

She was interviewed by Chris Hayes and Zerlina Maxwell.

Hillary Clinton Joins SiriusXM For A Town Hall Event Hosted By Zerlina Maxwell

Hillary Clinton Joins SiriusXM For A Town Hall Event Hosted By Zerlina Maxwell

She brought her book tour to Montclair, NJ.


She stopped in for a visit with Charlie Rose.



Bakari Sellers launched a podcast called ‘Viewpoint.’ Hillary was his first guest.

Hillary returned to Brooklyn for a book signing and met a mini-me.

She appeared on Irish TV.

Ryan met Hillary Clinton near her home in Chappaqua, upstate New York

She ended the month in Canada with an appearance in Toronto.

Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Toronto Thursday promoting her new book, What Happened. She said democracy is under assault around the world.

Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Toronto Thursday promoting her new book, What Happened. She said democracy is under assault around the world. (Christopher Katsarov/Canadian Press)

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August was a month for organizing and also kicking back some for Hillary. She was  still putting the finishing touches on her book, but she was also getting Onward Together off the ground.

She was out and about with her girlfriends in New York and attended a special screening of ‘Wonder Woman’ with Bill.

It was a girl’s day out as Hillary Clinton and two friends shopped along New York’s Madison Avenue on Saturday

Hillary and Bill were among many big names at the wedding of Sophie Lasry, the daughter of Avenue Capital Group founder Marc Lasry.

Hillary and Bill Clinton were all smiles at the wedding of Sophie Lasry, the daughter of billionaire Marc Lasry on Sunday night in New York City. The former first couple waved to guests as they were escorted inside by Secret Service agents

Before leaving on vacation, Bill and Hillary attended a screening of ‘Rebel in the Rye,’ a biopic about J.D. Salinger.

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black Join the Clintons at 'Rebel in the Rye' Screening

And then the Clintons were off on vacation in Quebec!

Hillary and Bill Clinton strolled through North Hatley, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, on Tuesday afternoon. (Radio-Canada)

They all were out for a boat ride on Lake Massawippi.

Hillary was sporting a fashionable chapeau while shopping at a popular bookstore in Knowlton, Quebec.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton poses for a photo with Jessica Brown and her family (Photo courtesy Jessica Brown)

As August drew to a close, announcements began coming out about stops on Hillary;s upcoming book tour and speaking engagements.

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So much for the people who say she should go away! Best congrats, Mme. Secretary!

Story Highlights

  • Barack Obama edges out Donald Trump as most admired man
  • Hillary Clinton wins narrow victory over Michelle Obama
  • Clinton has won the past 16 years; Obama the past 10

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans once again are most likely to name Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as the man and woman living anywhere in the world they admire most, as they have for the past 10 years. The pair retain their titles this year, although by much narrower margins than in the past. Obama edges out Donald Trump, 17% to 14%, while Clinton edges out Michelle Obama, 9% to 7%.

The 2017 survey marks the 16th consecutive year Clinton has been the most admired woman. She has held the title 22 times in total, more than anyone else. Eleanor Roosevelt is second with 13 wins. Obama has now been named the most admired man 10 times, trailing only Dwight Eisenhower, who earned the distinction 12 times. Obama won all eight years he was president, plus 2008 — the year he was first elected — and this year, his first as a former president.

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Hillary told us to take a break, which we are! But this is a bridge too far! Why this publication attacks the only 2016 candidate with substantive plans on many issues -the one who won the popular vote – would be a mystery if it were not common practice. It’s just more of the same old sexist manure!

Hillary is not going to run for office again, but she remains a force to be reckoned with for those who seek to disable democracy in this country. Her voice is strong. She reinforces our values. Her dedication never waivers. She continues to fight for the weakest among us.

Vanity Fair, you should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton, history-maker, will not be silenced! As my long-time friend, Jen Michigander, has said since 2008, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” Certainly not you!

Not funny, if that was what you were going for, and frankly well below your supposed intellect! The Power of the Purse Compels You to retract this nonsense!


The Clintons began July at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre where they saw ‘Oslo’ and the audience gave them a standing ovation.

See the source image

Hillary spent most of July working on her book. She did take time to respond to snarky tweets from the GOP.

Samantha Bee was selling a “Nasty Woman” shirt to benefit Planned Parenthood, and Hillary Clinton joined her advertising campaign.

Toward the end of July, Hillary announced the title of the new book she was working on tirelessly.

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