When she was wrapping up her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton said she looked forward to visiting as a tourist some of the places she had been to on the job but was unable to enjoy because she was working.  Looks like she is finally getting the chance to do that!

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Madhya Pradesh on private visit

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Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (File photo | AP)

INDORE: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday arrived at Ahilya Fort in Madhya Pradesh’s Maheshwar town in Khargone district.

Clinton, who is on a three-day private visit to the state from March 11-13, arrived in Indore earlier in the day.

Reportedly, Clinton may visit nearby tourist places during her visit.

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By Chasity Cooper.

We’re excited to announce that former U.S. Senator from New York, Secretary of State, and first woman presidential nominee from a major party Hillary Clinton will deliver the keynote speech at the Assembly on April 27, 2018.This year’s theme, Big Ideas that Can’t Wait,” will feature a series of discussions with leading policy makers and innovative thinkers on the ideas from the Fourth Regional Plan that are ripe for immediate action.

“We are honored to have Hillary Clinton back in New York, inspiring us with a lifetime spent turning ideas into action,” said Tom Wright, president of Regional Plan Association. “Ms. Clinton has a long and distinguished track record of getting things done—from the creation of the Children’s Health Insurance Program to fight childhood poverty, to strengthening the U.S.’s commitment to fighting climate change, to securing the funding to rebuild after 9/11 and fighting for the first responders who risked their health to help. RPA hopes to learn from her leadership as we plot a course to move the Fourth Regional Plan into action.”

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Hillary is traveling this weekend and making appearances along the way. She is headed to Australia and New Zealand next.

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands- Hillary Clinton has warned that the Trump administration “was not recognizing the danger” in discussing nuclear disarmament with Pyongyang, and said Washington lacked experienced diplomats to handle the talks.

“If you want to talk to Kim Jong Un about his nuclear weapons you need experienced diplomats,” Clinton was quoted as telling Dutch tabloid Algemeen Dagblad in an interview published Saturday.

“These are people familiar with the dossiers and who know the North Koreans and their language,” Trump’s presidential rival said in an interview conducted in Amsterdam and published in Dutch.

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Hillary Clinton praises Modi for Paris deal, calls Donald Trump’s decision shameful

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today said that President Donald Trumps decision to pull out of climate change deal signed by world leaders in Paris summit in 2015 was shameful. In a discussion at India Today Conclave 2018 in Mumbai, she praised the role played by India in taking the leadership role at Paris climate summit.

She said it is shameful that the US is the only country in the world that is not in Paris agreement, which is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for dealing with greenhouse gas emissions. It also covers the aspects of carbon emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance in two years time from now.

She, however, praised the role India played in inking the Paris climate deal and making sure that it stays in place even though the US withdrew from it. Clinton said that the Indian government took every other country on board to create awareness about the perils of climate change.

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Thank you Cornelia Nauta for sharing this!

This has been a big week for progress.

On Tuesday, we saw signs of hope across Texas when more than half of the fifty women running for Congress won their primaries or moved onto a run-off. Across the state, turnout among Democrats was higher than it’s been in years. And yesterday, we celebrated International Women’s Day by reflecting on how far we’ve come, and recommitting ourselves to the work ahead.

There’s certainly work ahead of us, but the groups that Onward Together supports are making progress seem a little more possible these days. I hope you’ll take a moment today to learn more about The Arena, one of our newer groups. They’re inspiring and training activists across the country, and I couldn’t be more proud.



Onward Together works to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize in their communities or run for office. Because you’re an important part of Onward Together, we wanted you to get a chance to know these groups a little bit better. To learn more about Onward Together, click here.
The organization: The Arena

The organizers: Swati Mylavarapu, Ravi Gupta, and Kate Catherall

The mission: To inspire and train civic leaders at their quarterly summits and through building progressive communities — online and off.

The story: Faced with the fear and confusion of his students after the 2016 election, Ravi Gupta needed a way to bring young progressives together to mourn and organize. The first Arena Summit took place just one month later and brought together more than 450 energized people from 32 states, more than 150 of whom pledged to run for office.

The latest: Currently on their fifth summit, the Arena is on track to train more than 5,000 activists by the end of 2018. They’ve also launched their Spotlight program, which has already brought attention to activist and non-profit leaders doing work that matters.

The next step: The team at the Arena is on the frontlines of the fight to connect progressives across the country with resources and tools they need. Sign up to learn more at TheArena.run

Another well-deserved honor for Hillary! Best compliments, Mme. Secretary!


Hillary Clinton to receive Radcliffe Medal – Harvard Gazette

By Radcliffe Institute Communications DateMarch 8, 2018March 7, 2018

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the Radcliffe Medal on May 25.

Courtesy of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Institute to recognize longtime public servant as ‘advocate of American leadership’

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study announced today that former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the prestigious Radcliffe Medal on May 25 during Harvard’s Commencement week.

Awarded on Radcliffe Day, the annual gathering to celebrate the institute’s commitment to excellence and inquiry, the medal honors individuals whose lives and work have had a transformative impact on society.

Radcliffe Dean Lizabeth Cohen called Clinton a “champion for human rights” and for the welfare of all, a “skilled legislator,” and “an advocate of American leadership to create a world in which states live up to their responsibilities.”

A former first lady, Clinton served as a U.S. senator from New York from 2001 to 2009 before taking over as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. She was the Democratic Party’s nominee for president in 2016, the first woman candidate for that office from a major political party.

“Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world,” said Cohen, who is also the Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies in Harvard’s Department of History. “We commend Secretary Clinton for her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights and the welfare of all, as a skilled legislator, and as an advocate of American leadership to create a world in which states — to quote Secretary Clinton — ‘have clear incentives to cooperate and live up to their responsibilities, as well as strong disincentives to … sow discord and division.’ We salute her commitment to a life of public service and the resilience it takes to live and work in the public eye.”

“Whether in Arkansas, Washington, D.C., New York state, or traveling around the globe as secretary of state,” Cohen said, “Secretary Clinton has provided a model of what it takes to transform society, often under scrutiny: tireless effort, toughness amid the political fray, and an enduring capacity to envision a better future.”

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This visit took place in January of this year.

In front of the observatories on Maunakea

From left to right: Maunakea Ranger Tommy Waltjen, former President Bill Clinton, Maunakea Support Services General Manager Stewart Hunter, former University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy Director Guenther Hasinger, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chief Maunakea Ranger Scotty Paiva (in back), Office of Maunakea Management Director Stephanie Nagata.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to the summit of Maunakea in early January 2018 and learned about the cultural, natural and scientific significance of the mountain.

The Clintons were shown culturally and geologically important sites before touring the W. M. Keck Observatory, one of the largest and most scientifically important optical/infrared telescopes in the world. After watching the sunset from Hawaiʻi’s highest peak at nearly 14,000 feet, the Clintons returned to Halepōhaku at the 9,200 foot elevation for stargazing.

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo’s Department of Physics and Astronomy set up two, 9.25-inch telescopes, one with an attached camera capturing images viewed through the telescope. The Clintons were in awe during the 90 minutes of viewing the overwhelming number of stars that can be seen from Maunakea.

“We showed them the Orion nebula, Pleiades open cluster and Andromeda galaxy, and towards the end, Mrs. Clinton chose a couple of objects and moved the telescope herself,” said Marianne Takamiya, UH Hilo astronomy chair. Takamiya hosted the stargazing along with UH Institute for Astronomy astronomer Mark Chun, Waiākea High School senior Alicia Chun and UH Hilo astronomy student Mitchel Rudisel.

“Getting to show the Clintons different nebula and galaxies while sitting below one of the darkest skies in the world was an unforgettable experience,” said Rudisel.

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