The search warrant that gave FBI agents access to a cache of Hillary Clinton emails just nine days before the recent presidential election was unsealed Tuesday. It shows that FBI agents obtained the warrant by telling a federal judge they believed the emails contained classified information that broke the law.

“There is probable cause to believe the subject laptop contains evidence, contraband, fruits, and/or other items illegally possessed in violation of [federal law],” reads the signed affidavit of an FBI agent, filed October 30 in support of the search warrant for the silver Dell laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the former congressman and estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

“There is also probable cause to believe that the correspondence between them located on the subject laptop contains classified information which was produced by and is owned by the U.S. government,” reads the heavily redacted affidavit for the warrant.


In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Schoenberg said the search warrant showed no probable cause that would justify Comey notifying Congress, adding that he was “appalled” by the lack of cause presented in the affidavit.

“I see nothing at all in the search warrant application that would give rise to probable cause, nothing that would make anyone suspect that there was anything on the laptop beyond what the FBI had already searched and determined not to be evidence of a crime, nothing to suggest that there would be anything other than routine correspondence between Secretary Clinton and her longtime aide Huma Abedin,” Schoenberg said in the statement.

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